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Unlock your top talent’s true potential with our four people development solutions. We’ll help you and your ‘superstars’ redesign old ways of working to drive success and accelerate growth

“It was a huge success from reading some of the feedback comments that have come through. Thank you so much Amy.”

Ayesha Khan

People Advisory, EY

3 reasons why traditional leadership and

management programmes can fail

1- Great idea – but no context

How many times have you come back from a course thinking you’d discovered something groundbreaking – but when you tried to put this new insight to work, you realised it just can’t be enacted? Nuggets of gold are useless without consideration for the context in which they can be applied.

Harvard Business Review

“Participants in corporate education programmes often tell us that the context in which they work makes it difficult to put what they’re taught into practice.”


2- Total brain overload

Just because our leaders and managers have learned things in the past it doesn’t mean the new information they’ll receive on a training programme will automatically be processed. Neuroscience has shown that “spaced learning” – bite-sized chunks shared over time, interspersed with sleep and retrieval practice – will deepen understanding.

The International Society for Technology in Education

“Brain science confirms that sleep is essential for neurons to connect and link the complex learning steps that students are exposed to during the day, also known as the brain-derived neurotrophic factor.”


3- Root causes of weaknesses aren’t addressed

Traditional training programmes often ignore the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in attendance and the business itself. If you don’t identify the cause of the issue, how can you hope that your training – no matter how revolutionary – will change the status quo?


“A professional services business wanted senior leaders to initiate more provocative and meaningful discussions with senior clients. Once the trainers looked below the surface, they discovered that these leaders, though highly successful in their fields, were instinctively uncomfortable and lacking in confidence when conversations moved beyond their narrow functional expertise.”


How unfocused and outdated training affects your people


  • View programmes as a waste of time
  • Struggle to make critical improvements
  • Question their value as a leader


  • Lack motivation, feel undervalued and get burnt out
  • Prevent their people from achieving their maximum potential
  • Start thinking about changing companies

Isn’t it time to try a new way of coaching?

Synaptic Potential’s training and development programmes use proven scientific techniques to get to the root of corporate blind spots and help leaders and managers adopt new habits that will propel everyone to greatness.

All our programmes have:

  • Strategic clarity
  • Context that is directly aligned to your workplace, environment and culture
  • Unlimited flexibility to ensure longevity/future-proofing
  • Real-life application across numerous live business issues
  • A diagnostic approach, analysing ‘symptoms’ to identify a root cause that can then be ‘treated’
  • Alignment with your long-term ambitions for those you work with. We’re here to support you as you help your people love the work they do!

Choose your programmes

Four proven training solutions to help HR and L&D teams reinvigorate their leaders and nurture emerging talent

Optimising Leadership

Take your leaders to the next level with a journey into the Hallmarks of High Performance. As used to inspire leaders at Jordans Ryvita, Naastar, and the NHS, among others.

Good Foundations Manager

This proven springboard for newly promoted managers and up-and-coming talent helps everyone get off to the strongest possible start.

Coach-Savvy Manager

Unique in the UK, this transformational programme helps foster your most influential managers’ people skills to bring out the best in everyone.

High Impact Manager

You already have an inkling about your next generation of leaders – now let us help you ready them for the challenges ahead.

Why choose us as your learning and development partner?

Incredible track record

Everyone from EY and Tesco to Warner Bros and Twinings counts on us to unlock the people power within their organisation.

Science-based programmes

Outdated learning techniques are banned! The latest neuroscience backs up everything we do and will lead to lasting change.

Tailored solutions

Your organisation may have similarities to others, but to you, your people (and us!), it’s one of a kind. We adjust all programmes to match your needs precisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover more about developing leaders’ skills, identifying talent and other common queries

Is your Optimising Leadership programme suitable for senior leaders?

Yes. We are often asked to work with board-level and senior leadership teams. Structural, core shifts in how things are done are often required in order for managers and other employees to most easily make sustainable behaviour changes and fulfil their potential on a daily basis.

This is the responsibility of senior leaders to discern and structurally implement. Senior leaders typically report that they enjoy our Optimising Leadership programme and our support because it helps them to think differently. They are considering new things and also feel secure in evaluating their priorities because we are providing the scientific rationale that underpins things. 

How will your programmes help improve leaders’ skills?

One of the great things about basing everything we do in science is that people have very rarely heard everything that we share. They are unlikely to know how their brains really work, which forms the foundation of where we start from.

So, while they will have discussed decision-making before, they are unlikely to know about the nucleus accumbens and the dopaminergic reward pathway. This novelty is one ingredient we use to keep people engaged. Then we link the science to the practical. We explore what this all means in terms of doing things differently to get a better result with their people. 

Our approach to developing leaders is highly respectful. We acknowledge they have been doing what they do for a long time, have many good ideas, and have learnt a lot along the way. We are offering some additional insights for their consideration to add to what has gone before. 

They wouldn’t be expected to know what we are sharing because it probably wasn’t discovered (the research hadn’t been done) when they started their employment journey. 

As we know the science behind how people learn and change, we choose to intentionally combine several different forms of learning to meet different objectives. We want them to practically apply what they are learning at each stage, so we like to support challenges (either personal or team-based) where the leaders put things into practice and measure their results.

How do I know which management programme is right for my managers?

We have three – one is designed for new managers; one is for those with untapped coaching skills; one is for high-flyers who you envision going all the way.

Please check out their individual pages for a full breakdown of each course and their suitability for your managers.

What is the optimal number of participants to get the best results?

Typically, smaller groups enable deeper conversations, so groups of 12-24 tend to work well. However, there are many factors outside group size that impact results also.

Are these programme suitable for neurodiverse people?

All our programmes can be suitable for neurodiverse people from multiple perspectives. We believe that each neurodiverse person is unique. Therefore, in order to fully serve them and ensure that we make any additional adaptations, we would love to ask them some questions.

This can be done in a variety of different ways to ensure they are comfortable with this and can answer in a way that enables us to best serve them.

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