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We’re here to show your entire workforce what the human brain is capable of.

This is how we help your people tap into their ‘Whole Brain PotentialTM’.

With our keynotes and masterclasses

Dazzle your teams with a glimpse into the human mind’s true capabilities – and generate excitement about what’s possible

With our leadership and management development solutions

Paradigm-shifting programmes to energise and inspire your top people and future high-flyers

With our bespoke consultancy and L&D support services

From tailored learning to HR support and performance management revamping, our services can be adapted to suit your unique needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your keynotes for?

These can be adapted for a specific audience – such as your leadership team – or developed to inspire your entire workforce. We have delivered keynotes to groups as small as 12 and as large as 5000.

In essence, they provide the foundations for your people to start using their brains more effectively. All keynotes are delivered by Synaptic Potential founder Amy Brann, one of the world’s leading authorities on the effective application of neuroscience in a business setting.

Who are your Masterclasses for?

Our popular Masterclasses are also for your leaders, managers and even your whole organisation if that’s what you need. So what’s the difference between a Synaptic Potential keynote and one of our Masterclasses? There are two:

Price – masterclasses have been carefully honed to meet the needs of any business that wants to achieve Sustainable High Performance. As a result, they are a more affordable ‘plug and play’ solution that cover everything from neuro learning habits and neurodiversity to engagement and behaviour change. Mix and match the elements that work for you.

Delivery – unlike our keynotes, which are 100% tailored to your organisation and delivered in person, masterclasses are available either pre-recorded or via online virtual sessions. This also helps keep the cost down.

Do you have separate development programmes for leaders and managers?

Yes – your leaders and managers are at different stages of their personal and business development, so our programmes reflect that.

Our comprehensive Optimising Leadership programme is based around our Hallmarks of High Performance framework and has been used to inspire leaders at Jordans Ryvita, Naastar, and the NHS, among other organisations.

For managers, meanwhile, we have three highly effective programmes:

  • Good Foundations Manager – a rock-solid starting point for newly promoted managers and emerging talent.
  • High Impact Manager – to take managers to the next level. Also well suited to those earmarked for future leadership roles.
  • Coach-Savvy Manager – for your most influential managers whose people skills can be nurtured to bring out the best in everyone.

All of our programmes, while widely varied in content and projected outcomes, are based on our Whole Brain Potential methodology. Our focus is on applying neuroscience techniques to maximise performanc

What kind of tailored services do you offer?

What do you need? We can help with:

  • Workplace design strategies (using years of design experience and neuroscience and behavioural science as our guide)
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Tailored learning solutions
  • Clarifying desired behaviours
  • Revamping your Performance Management approach

Every client is different, and while we do have some affordable off-the-peg solutions, in most cases we develop a suite of interventions based on your unique needs.

Do you have any ready-to-go video solutions?

We do. We have an in-depth collection of high-quality training content called Masterclasses that are used by companies all over the world. These can also be delivered live, online. Please get in touch for details.

Can I choose your different services individually?

Absolutely. Many clients start by hiring Synaptic Potential founder Amy Brann as a keynote speaker. Her energetic and inspirational keynotes are designed to help either specific groups, such as leaders, or your whole organisation to understand how to get the best out of the human brain.

Packed with actionable tips and ‘brain hacks’, these keynotes get everyone thinking in exciting new ways. Alternatively, some clients prefer a more affordable ‘plug-and-play’ solution, which is where our Masterclasses come in. These can be delivered in person online, or by accessing our pre-recorded, high-quality video content.

But these aren’t the only ways to start working with us. We also cater to organisations who have a very specific focus on nurturing their leaders and/or managers. These clients bring us in for one of our powerful and comprehensive programmes aimed at leaders, new managers, future leaders or manager-coaches.

Our bespoke services, meanwhile, cover everything from customised learning solutions to HR support and neuroscience-inspired workplace design.

You have complete freedom to choose whichever combination works best for you. And if you’re unsure where to start, just ask!

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