Synaptic Potential Masterclasses – ‘Brain Food’ for your whole organisation

When you need help fast on everything from change management to neurodiversity and engagement, our bite-sized Masterclasses are the answer

Bring out the best in everyone

The pace of change in a modern business environment can often seem overwhelming.

Not only are we trying to predict the organisational needs of tomorrow, but we’re running to keep up with the best practices of today.

For people professionals across the HR and L&D spectrum, the sheer volume of training, coaching and upskilling possibilities makes it hard to single out the best course of action. Where do you begin

Our Masterclasses cut through the noise and get straight to the point. They’re each designed to do one thing really well – whether that’s embracing workplace neurodiversity or showing your people how to be more engage.

Just like our keynotes, our Masterclasses are built on proven neuroscience and provide you and your people with a ‘way in’ to our world.

They lift the lid on how the brain works

and help you reimagine new ways of doing things.

Which Masterclasses are right for you?

Choose from our eight, highly targeted options

Mix and match as you wish

1. Whole Brain Potential

Expect some serious ‘jaw-drop’ moments when the insight in our Whole Brain Potential Masterclass hits home. This is our #1 Masterclass for good reason!

2. Neuro Learning Habits

Perfect for Learning at Work Week, this popular Masterclass delves into how we learn effectively and explores what happens to the brain as we absorb information.

3. Neurodiversity in Business

Just like an orchestra needs a variety of instruments to create beautiful music, our Neurodiversity in Business Masterclass shows how different ways of thinking benefit everyone.

4. Neuroscience for Coaches

Help your next-generation Coaches tap into their brain’s inner workings for maximum impact. Coaching with neuroscience is red hot right now, and this Masterclass shows why.

5. Make Your Brain Work

Practical hacks to help your people get results with less effort. Learn how to influence what feels beyond your control, manage expectations and much more.

6. How to Engage People

Mastering engagement is a Synaptic Potential speciality. It helps your people build teams of enthusiastic supporters to get things done, and this Masterclass uncovers the secrets.

7. Behaviour Change

Discover which networks in the brain need to be fine-tuned if you want to make change stick. This Masterclass provides the building blocks for organisational change, too.

8. Change Readiness

Discover your people’s Change Readiness Neural Quotient (NQ), and then find out which three ‘pillars’ you need to invest in to navigate future challenges.

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Keynote or Masterclass – How to choose?



Tailored to you

One-time event



Virtual or recorded

Tried and tested

Can be used on different groups


Frequently asked questions

What do I get when I book a Masterclass?

A lot! They might be a ‘plug-and-play’ solution, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. This is what a typical Synaptic Potential Masterclass booking looks like:

Step 1: review your options

Get in touch today and we’ll send you our latest brochure – it contains key information about all our Masterclasses and how they help boost performance.

Step 2: select your Masterclass

Let us know which one(s) you want to run – and feel free to ask for help at any time.

Step 3: receive your ‘warm up’ pack

We’ll send you resources to help you and your people get excited about their impending Masterclass or Masterclasses. This also ticks a job off your to-do list and lets everyone know what to expect!

Step 4: receive your pack

Look out for a pack of digital resources that accompany the Masterclass to ensure you get the most from it. We’ll send notes for you as the organiser, as well as material for the participants.

Step 5: Masterclass day

If we’re delivering the session virtually, we’ll login to the session and deliver it at the planned time. Or, if you prefer the pre-recorded video option, you’re free to have one or more groups watch it and then take part in the exercises.

Step 6: post-event debrief

All Masterclass bookings come with a debrief session with Synaptic Potential founder Amy Brann. It’s your chance to ask any questions to really bring home the value of what you’ve learned and discuss what to do next for maximum impact.

Step 7: continued support, as needed

Our Masterclasses (and keynote) help your people reimagine what’s possible. To embed new ideas in your organisation, we provide support services to help redesign the way you work and reinforce it, too.

Are your Masterclasses tailored to my organisation?

Not in the way that our keynotes are. Masterclasses are available either as pre-recorded video content or delivered as a virtual session, which is delivered live but not adapted to your organisation. However, the virtual Masterclasses include a live, online FAQ session at the end.

What’s the main advantage of your Whole Brain Potential Masterclass over your Whole Brain Potential Keynote?

There are two: speed and cost. Our keynotes take many hours to prepare for and set up and are 100% tailored to your organisation. Our fee reflects that. When you want something quicker at a more affordable price point, the high-quality, actionable research and insight you can tap into via a Masterclass is the answer.

Will I simply receive a video file and that’s it?

No! Whether you choose a pre-recorded Masterclass or a live session conducted online, you will also be supported by a range of additional resources to help you get the most out of it. We aim to provide powerful behaviour change techniques with every Masterclass.

Are these Masterclasses based on your Whole Brain Potential methodology?

Yes. Everything we do comes back to neuroscience and how the brain works. All our Masterclasses will give your people new skills to try that will help them to be more productive, creative and engaged. Behaviour change – for the better! – is our driving force.

How much does a Masterclass cost?

It depends on whether you choose live, online delivery or the pre-recorded option. We also offer special offers if you order multiple Masterclasses at once – please get in touch for more details. As a starting point, a single Masterclass delivered via video typically costs from £3500+vat.

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