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Keynotes and Masterclasses help your people to

Reimagine what the workplace can be.

It’s how most of our client engagements begin.

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Show, don’t tell! Why everything just clicks

when you let us into your organisation

Ever hired a speaker or training consultant whose wordy, hands-off approach leaves everyone cold?

That’s not how we do things. By making everything as practical, focused, and tailored to your people as possible, our impact transcends industries – from banks to healthcare, food and tech. 

That means “interesting” but unusable science is out. Flannel is banned.

While we get as much of a buzz as anyone when delivering a killer keynote or a well-structured Masterclass, our true passion lies in ensuring that your attendees return home equipped to articulate newfound insights

We’re only happy when we’re sure they feel ready to support their teams in navigating what lies ahead.

All our keynotes and Masterclasses adhere to the “show don’t tell” principle. Using engaging, hands-on techniques, we create events and experiences that propel individuals to the next level of their potential

This requires a nuanced understanding of cognitive dynamics – which just happens to be where our expertise lies.

So we don’t just deliver keynotes or send you a Masterclass in the post. Our keynotes are 100% tailored to your organisation, while our Masterclasses – which are more affordable – all conclude with an online FAQ session with our founder, Amy Brann. As a result, we catalyse company-wide transformations.

5 reasons businesses worldwide

choose Synaptic Potential

1. Evidence-based strategies grounded in science

Our evidence-based approach to people development is grounded in science rather than relying on outdated theory or guesswork. It’s groundbreaking, fun and gets everyone talking.

2. Unlock your people potential through the lens of neuroscience and behavioural science

Our insights, tools and hacks are based on the latest neuroscience and behavioural science research on how brains work best. We’ll share the keys that unlock the Whole Brain Potential™ of your people.

3. Our methods target the root cause

We translate the “symptoms” of poor performance and provide solutions that target the root causes. Everything is underpinned by our in-depth understanding of brain networks and processes.

4. See habits change long-term

We provide applied, habit-based solutions, with tangible actions that people can start implementing straight away in their work to improve outcomes.

5. We support sustainable high performance

Our solutions are aligned with how the brain works best to facilitate enhanced performance in a sustainable, healthy way. No burn-out required!

Are you ready to join an exclusive list of clients?

By design, we deliver keynotes to no more than

20 companies a year.

If your organisation is one of those 20, it means we’ll have time to properly focus on you and tailor our support and keynote input.

Many keynote speakers fly from event to event and deliver exactly the same thing. We don’t do that. Our founder, Amy Brann, believes in quality rather than quantity – meaning your keynote will be original and aligned with your business.

Amy likes to get to know the companies and people we serve so she can make more appropriate suggestions to help them grow. 

Why tailored delivery is more powerful than ‘off-the-peg’ solutions

  • Considers your company history and current challenges
  • Includes relevant real-life examples from within the organisation
  • Makes attendees feel included, rather than preached to
  • Goal-driven focus that is unique to you
  • Aligns with our ongoing support solutions for high-performing teams and the L&D people behind them

How your people will benefit when we

unlock their Whole Brain PotentialTM

You already have great leaders and managers. 

They’ve achieved their current positions through skill, hard work and personal development.

But sooner or later, everyone plateaus.

To take things to the next level, Synaptic Potential focuses on a key area that few other business development or training companies are qualified to talk about.

We show your people how their current limitations are a result of the way they use their brains.

And once they understand how their brains are holding them back, we show them new ways to use their brains more effectively.

This means new ways to think, communicate, perform and plan better than ever before.

And best of all, there’s no additional effort required. By using our brains in a more productive manner, we achieve more without burning out.

We grow ourselves – and the companies we work for – sustainably. We call this sustainable high performance.

It underpins everything we do – including our keynotes and Masterclasses. 

Discover more about the science behind Whole Brain PotentialTM

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