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Understanding the Whole Brain Potential framework

For many years, neuroscience was shrouded in mystery. It was a field that focused on tiny brain cells, rather than big-picture thinking.

Following major advancements in brain imaging during the 1990s, scientists started to decode the ins and outs of things like decision-making, creativity and collaboration. 

Over the past two decades, Synaptic Potential has used these evidence-based insights to create a series of “hacks” that anyone can start implementing in their everyday work.

When they do this, they tap into what we call their Whole Brain Potential. In doing so, they become better decision-makers, creatives and team players.

How Whole Brain Potential unlocks Sustainable High Performance

During a Synaptic Potential leadership event, we don’t just explain how the brain works and show people new ways to use it more effectively. 

We consider your organisations specific challenges and goals – and tailor our neuro “reprogramming” to suit.

We help embed new routines and practices that require no additional effort from your people – meaning zero burnout – and put them on a pathway to sustainable improvement. We call this Sustainable High Performance. 

By using what we know about neuroscience and how the brain works, we can ensure that your people develop habits that actually become embedded into their daily routine. 

As a result, your organisation can continually progress and adapt in a changing marketplace.

“One of Amy’s differentiating factors is her ability to link real business problems to solutions”

Caroline Henderson

Director, Global Assurance Talent, EY

Fast-track your organisation to

Sustainable High Performance in a single event

Inspire your people with a tailored keynote that unlocks their Whole Brain PotentialTM and leads to Sustainable High Performance. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – keynote questionnaire

Perfected over many years, our questionnaire can be completed in just a few minutes and will give us a rapid snapshot of your leadership event ambitions. It’s the perfect place to start. 

Step 2 – initial briefing call

Typically lasting around 60 minutes, this is your chance to provide us with the finer details of your event. What is the current context for those who will be there? What are your organisational challenges? What does “great” look like for your business?

Step 3 – tailoring the keynote

All Synaptic Potential keynotes are delivered by our founder, Amy Brann, who will work with you to ensure the whole event is optimised and personalised to you. We’ll iron out what not to mention, too.

Step 4 – final briefing call

Few event planners enjoy surprises, so we’ll run through everything with you beforehand. We’re always open to last-minute tweaks and suggestions – because we want our messages to resonate.

Step 5 – keynote day

We’ll have had weeks or even months to get to know you and your organisation, and our many years of experience will ensure smooth, relevant and actionable keynote delivery on the day. Enjoy it!

Step 6 – post-event debrief

Our relationship doesn’t end when we step off the stage. In fact, we’re eager to talk to your stakeholders to discuss anything of interest we discovered on the day. We see and hear things that are often a huge help.

Step 7 – continued support

Our keynotes (and masterclasses) help your people reimagine what’s possible. To embed new ideas in your organisation, we provide support services to help redesign the way you work and reinforce it, too.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about our leadership keynotes and hiring Amy as your event speaker? Our FAQ covers our most common new client questions.

What is Sustainable High Performance?

All organisations want high performance from their teams. However, there is now overwhelming evidence that burning people out to achieve this isn’t a good move. 

Optimistically setting ambitious goals and telling people they’re your biggest asset and that you believe in them isn’t enough. 

You have to help your people understand how their brains work.

Once they are shown new ways to think and act, your whole organisation can start moving in a powerful new direction. And it won’t wear them out. As a result, we call this Sustainable High Performance.

How do I know your keynote will be engaging?

One of the most common comments Amy gets about her talks is that they are engaging. The other is that she is an inspirational speaker. 

After a lot of research into how to motivate people some years ago, Amy literally wrote the book on ‘engagement’. 

Practically, what she is sharing is new to most audiences – so they lean in. Learning more about how your brain works is fascinating. Most people see it as an opportunity.

This means people are already predisposed to be engaged. Amy also intersperses fascinating content with props, exercises and demonstrations so that what she is sharing is deeply engaging.

How do we make sure the keynote’s messages stick?

Amy and the Synaptic Potential team understand how brains retain information. More importantly though, we know about the variety of different catalysts that make the practical implementation of new knowledge possible.

Wherever possible, we like to discuss events early to advise on things that can be done to prime people before they even get to event day.

We are happy to supply things (like videos or whitepapers) that help to position and engage people ahead of a talk. We also offer a ‘Keeping it Alive’ package to embed learnings and nudge action post-event.

Plus, of course, we can follow up with tailored programmes for leaders and managers, and HR support services such as workplace design planning and HR policies and procedures.

How can we find out more about Amy’s work as a motivational speaker?

Why not get in touch so we can set up a call? We’re eager to find out more about your event and goals, and we can also answer any further questions you have, such as:

  • How much does a Synaptic Potential leadership keynote cost?
  • Can we be your event speaker on a specific date?
  • How do we work with you to develop human potential?
  • Is keynote speaking right for your organisation?
  • Will it get your team working better together?
  • What are Amy’s travel, accommodation and logistical needs?
  • What languages can Amy deliver her keynotes in at leadership events?
  • Can Amy work with translators?
  • Will a keynote moderator be provided?

And much more.

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