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Our keynotes, masterclasses and development programmes help everyone in your organisation achieve Sustainable High Performance. Together, we’ll reimagine what’s possible, redesign new ways of working, and reinforce everything for lasting impact.

Organisations we work with:

Do you remember why you got into people development?

If you’re anything like most people professionals we meet, your path to HR/learning & development began because you were determined to make a difference.

You would help people be curious and engaged – and you’d lead them through L&D programmes that would balance brilliant work and zen-like wellbeing beautifully.

Your dream....

Monday mornings would ripple with excitement and possibility. Friday afternoons would mark the end of another milestone week. And the whole organisation would buzz with an energy that would steer it onwards and upwards – sustainably.

And you’d be right in the thick of it, making all this happen.

Getting the dream back on track....

If you’re still wondering when the stars will align and everything will fall into place, give us a call. We are Synaptic Potential, and we use proven neuroscience, incredible brain hacks and decades of high-performance leadership expertise to help you help your people.

We’re a small team of specialists with lots of energy – and we have an amazing track record in helping ambitious, people-focused businesses from all over the world to thrive.

We can’t wait to share with you our secret recipe for success that will bring out the best in everyone. It’s going to be fantastic.

3 core services to help you shine

Our unique methodology is based around helping your entire workforce discover what the human brain is capable of. Here’s how we help your people tap into their ‘Whole Brain PotentialTM

With our powerful keynotes and masterclasses

Show your teams what the human mind is capable of and generate excitement about what’s possible.

With our hands-on leadership and management development programmes

Paradigm-shifting ‘Change Catalyst’ programmes to energise and inspire your top people

With our bespoke consultancy services and L&D support

From tailored learning to HR aftercare and event planning, we’ll help the message stick long-term

“In the most lively and energetic way Amy has helped us understand how our brain can prevent us from reaching our full potential and has given us practical ways to overcome this.

Very insightful and stimulating.”

Rob Koremans

CEO, Recordati S.p.A

“Pretty quickly in our selection process you set yourself apart from the crowd. Your understanding of the situations we described and exploration of solutions you could offer showed a superior grasp of your field that was at once both credible and engaging. During our consultancy session every single sentence was a nugget of gold. I’ve got pages of notes. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

Hodl Whittaker

Learning Manager for Group, Tesco

“Amy was fantastic! Insightful, energetic, personable, we had more than 200 of our employees join today and the amount of questions – we didn’t even get to answer – speaks for itself.”

Heike Diakhaté

Senior Talent & Development Partner, Adobe

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Why you can rely on us to be different

(and why you want us to be!)

What really sets us apart from other people development companies is that we’re not in this for us – we’re in this for you.

Here’s how:

We understand your daily challenges

Helping your successful leaders and managers be even better is high on your to-do list. But how best to proceed when you’re bombarded with L&D options – especially when every new opportunity seems too good to miss?

We keep you front and centre

We’re not the hero here – you are. We’ll help you identify exactly what your organisation needs and work with you to sell it to your teams. Then, together, we will deliver the most effective people development solutions imaginable.

We have an eye on your future

Our Whole Brain PotentialTM approach lets everyone within your organisation see exactly how their brain works – and provides innovative ways to use it more effectively. This approach is 100% sustainable – meaning people work better, not harder. It allows your teams to embark on a path of continuous improvement.

This unique approach helps you iron out:

  • Low-quality thinking environments
  • Uninspiring communication
  • Poor motivation and lack of engagement
  • Wellbeing issues 
  • Fear of change and aversion to new ideas

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What is Whole Brain PotentialTM

and how will it help your organisation?

For two decades, Synaptic Potential has been working with leading authorities and institutions to understand exactly how the brain works – including its many weaknesses.

Because it’s only when you know what’s “broken” that you can find new ways to fix it.

Based on our findings, we have developed dozens of practical ways for the human brain to work more effectively. These have now been scientifically proven over many years.

When you let us into your organisation to show your teams their brains’ shortcomings, their whole world changes. They realise that they can use their minds in a completely new way – and reap the rewards.

Working with you to equip them with an ‘upgraded’ version of their brain that will enable them to perform, think, communicate and plan better, we’ll enable your people to embrace a stunning new reality.

By tapping into their Whole Brain PotentialTM, a world of possibilities for your entire organisation opens up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our credentials, the science behind Whole Brain PotentialTM, bespoke services and more

What is Whole Brain Potential?

Quite simply, most people don’t know how their brains work. If you don’t know how it works, how can you use it effectively? 

Our Whole Brain Potential framework helps people to understand the human mind and then start doing things more effectively.

Supporting this, we have a powerful change framework that takes your teams on a journey that enables them to reimagine what’s possible, redesign the way they work and reinforce these changes to deliver meaningful and sustained improvements in performance.

What is the science behind your Whole Brain Potential framework?

For many years, neuroscience was a field shrouded in mystery. A field which focused on tiny brain cells rather than big-picture thinking, synapses rather than emotions.

However, in the 1990s, there were major advancements in brain imaging and we started to decode the ins and outs of things like decision-making, creativity and collaboration.

These evidence-based insights are the little gems of knowledge that we can translate into practical habits – hacks – that your people can start implementing in their everyday work. Leaning on many years of scientific research, we help people to grow their potential and become the better decision-makers, creatives and team players they always knew they could be.

How does Synaptic Potential support my company’s leadership and development goals?

We do this in one of three ways:

  1. With powerful Masterclasses and keynotes to get the whole team or specific members excited about what’s possible.
  2. With proven development programmes for leaders and managers. 
  3. With ongoing HR support, consultancy and bespoke services, including workplace design strategies, event planning and more.

Who are the team behind Synaptic Potential?

Our founder is Amy Brann, a pioneer in the art of building better brains using neuroscience and behavioural science. She has delivered keynotes, Masterclasses and consultancy services for major international clients all over the world.

Amy is supported by senior coaching, development and training experts and an efficient ‘back-end’ team to ensure that your whole Synaptic Potential experience is as positive and seamless as possible.

How can I find out if you can help me with my unique leadership and development plans?

Just get in touch. Most engagements are unique to some degree, and we’re well-versed in tailoring everything that we do to your precise needs.

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