Why Your Business Needs to Prioritise Sustainable High Performance

Every organisation strives for high performance, but only the best focus on making this sustainable. We help businesses to reach their maximum potential today, tomorrow – and for the long term.

What is Sustainable High Performance?

All organisations want high performance from their teams. 

But the evidence is now overwhelming that burning people out to achieve this isn’t a wise move. 

Optimistically setting ambitious goals and telling people they’re your biggest asset and that you believe in them isn’t enough. 

You have to help your people understand how their brains work.

Once they are shown new ways to think and act, your whole organisation can start moving in a powerful new direction.

Is there a chasm between ambition and reality in your organisation?

You probably have amazing people. Smart, capable – and dedicated to making a difference. Fantastic – we love working with teams like this! 

Wouldn’t it be incredible if they could implement your new strategy (and achieve those impressive new goals) while being able to report that they ALSO have: 

  •   Manageable work levels (enabling a life outside of work as well)
  •   Healthy wellbeing
  •   High engagement levels
  •   Opportunities to develop themselves and their careers
  •   Supportive managers
  •   Recognition and feedback
  •   A deep sense of meaning

Wouldn’t that be amazing? 

Unfortunately, all of this is highly unlikely for two reasons:

  1.   Your systems, processes and culture are probably not set up to make this possible.
  2.   Your teams have been unknowingly conditioned against this for years. 

To bridge the gap between ambition and reality, three important things need to change

  1.  We need to break down what Sustainable High Performance looks like for YOUR people.
  2.  We need to train them to understand how their brains actually function – so that new ways of thinking and working become second nature.
  3.  We need to change anything in your internal systems, processes and culture that are inhibiting sustainable high performance.

Why understanding how the brain works is key to sustainable change

Did you know that being creative/innovative has a different neural blueprint to being able to critically appraise a data set?

 Or that being an inspiring leader who can engage and paint a picture that people want to be part of requires different strong brain networks to get the best out of a team day in and day out?

Don’t worry – hardly anyone else knows this either! But understanding how the brain actually works is key to getting the best out of everyone.

All of the people in your organisation need to be able to sustain high performance if your company is to reach its ambitious goals. However, most organisations fail to turn their grand plans into reality for two reasons: 

  • They don’t spend enough time clarifying what they need their people to be good at.
  • They don’t find out how the brain can be ‘re-wired’ to come up with better ways of working and thinking.

It’s a bit like driving the family SUV onto Brands Hatch without knowing where the corners are (and forgetting to ask a mechanic to supercharge the engine).

How do you get people to change how they use their brains to sustain high performance?

This is where we come in. We train teams to unlock their Whole Brain PotentialTM. Your people’s brains are truly incredible. No computer in the world can yet compete.


We work with you to help your people understand how their brains work – and show them how to do things in new, more effective ways. 


When we do this – using science, not mumbo jumbo – people say it’s like stepping through the looking glass for the very first time. 


That’s because very few people know how the brain powering our thoughts really works. Understanding what’s actually going on in the mind and discovering new skills to change things for the better is transformational.

How do you change your internal systems, processes & culture to release this Whole Brain PotentialTM?

Once you finally understand what it is that you need your people to do – and how brains actually work – this piece of the puzzle quickly falls into place.


As well as helping you to reach this critical point, we’ll show you how to use behavioural science and neuroscience to make desired states and behaviours more likely.


We’ll show you how you can help your employees achieve more with less.




Productivity is increased through greater efficiency of thought and action.


People deliver their highest quality work to generate the best outcomes for the organisation.


High performance is sustained over time, even when demands are high.


Dormant networks are awoken and fresh insight can flow again.


Continuous improvement is facilitated by clarity around what really drives high performance.


Fulfilment and satisfaction are heightened by people knowing they are achieving the best that is possible.

Synaptic Potential is a people development organisation with a difference.

That difference is harnessing the power of brain science to reveal what is really driving your people’s engagement and performance at work and using evidence-based insights to empower people to achieve their best possible selves.

By translating the latest know-how on how the brain works best into practical work strategies, Synaptic Potential offers people and organisations a way to enhance performance, not just manage it, leading the way towards a healthy, engaged and productive workforce.




We offer an evidence-based approach to people development that is grounded in science rather than relying on outdated theory or guesswork.


Our insights, tools and hacks are based on the latest neuroscience and behavioural science research on how brains work best to unlock the Whole Brain Potential™ of your people.


We translate the “symptoms” of poor performance and provide solutions that target the root causes based on an understanding of the underlying brain networks and processes.


We provide applied, habit-based solutions, with tangible actions that people can start implementing straight away in their work to improve outcomes.

Leader Skills - habits


Our solutions are aligned with how the brain works best and therefore allow you to enhance performance in a sustainable, healthy way.


Synaptic Potential helps to shape and support your people, workspace and policy strategies and outcomes through the development and delivery of science-based keynotes, programmes and consulting that translate the latest neuroscience and behavioural science research on how the brain works best into practical and applied insights and habits that unlock potential and enhance performance.


Inspire your people with fresh ideas, a new shared language, and the practical habits and hacks that unlock potential and improve performance.


Provide your people with a comprehensive and carefully curated development programme that has neuroscience and behavioural science at its heart and that gives your people the practical habits and hacks that they need to work at their best.


Receive expert, scientifically underpinned guidance on how to align your people, place and policy strategies to ensure that your organisation is fully optimised for unlocking the potential of your people.

“The neuroscience training was insightful and really appealed to me…”

“The neuroscience training was insightful and really appealed to me to know how and why we do the things we do. I found it applies so often to the everyday work that I do; whether that’s in training, coaching or development chats, it’s something that has resonated and adds gravitas to those conversations.”

Claire Kearney, Commercial Training Manager, News UK

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