Management Innovation Lab

The High Impact Manager

This programme is all about equipping your managers with an upgraded ability to help people perform at their best. To go from ticking along to really unlocking potential.

What we cover

15 Different Modules

You select which ones suit your people needs most.

Core Science

What you need to know to be impactful in managing others.

Practical Habits

The behaviours you should invest in to shape effective teams.

To discuss how we worked with Global Marines to engage and upskill a large group of managers, email us.

What you need to know about our High Impact Managers Programme

1. Why Invest in Managers?

Your managers stand between your people and high performance. The way we describe it is that they are custodians of your people’s High Performing Neural Environment – they can make it easier or harder. So they need the skills and knowledge to give you all the best chances.

2. Who should go on this programme?

Any people managers who need a solid foundational skill set. We work with very experienced, well trained managers who need a fresh approach to getting the best out of their teams, as well as very new managers for whom this may be their first real development opportunity.

3. How the Program works

This is a very customizable programme. We have many modules that have proven valuable to organizations before, which you can select from…or tell us about needs we’ve not seen before and we’ll create a specific module if we believe we have the expertise and science can positively impact the topic.

Let’s Work Together

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