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Everyday managers are stifling people’s potential. They are limiting their ability to think, be innovative and productive… mostly unintentionally. Neuroscience predicts the problems that follow based on the way many managers work.


Our Coach Savvy Manager training programme engages, inspires and equips your managers to take responsibility for their own development and that of their team. We’ve been working with managers over the last 10 years identifying what really makes the difference in the cultures that facilitate brilliance.

What we cover


All the mental approaches, beliefs and values you need to bring the best out in your people


The core tools, underpinned by neuroscience, to help you conduct great coaching at work.


Essential skills managers need to demonstrate competence in.

Email us to discuss how we recently worked with Twinings Ovaltine to launch a Coaching Academy with them.

What you need to know about our Coach Savvy Managers Programme

1. Why Coaching Matters to Managers

People who are in people development and exploring options (as you are now) already know how game changing coaching is. You know that having those skill sets dispersed among your managers who have such regular contact with the rest of the organisation is obviously going to be hugely impactful.

2. Who should go on this programme?

Anyone who is responsible for people management, if you need them to support getting the most out of your teams. Typically organisations start with one or two cohorts and then build on that over the years.

3. How the Program works

This is a highly experiential programme where your managers work in groups of 12 together with 3 highly skilled coaches and facilitators over 20 weeks. Each fortnight they receive a 3 hour training session where they are closely observed and given feedback, as well as sharpening their feedback skills with their colleagues.

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