Your Managers are the glue that holds your organization together. How strong is that glue?

Management training solutions that build capability and empower people performance.


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Managers are the eyes and ears of an organization’s people potential. They can see what’s possible.

But if a manager doesn’t have the necessary tools to unlock this potential then their team…


Lacks motivation


Feels undervalued


Gets burnt out


Becomes siloed


Misses out on feedback

.. and the manager becomes frustrated and disheartened that they can’t get their teams to perform as well as they know they could.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Partner with Synaptic Potential and equip your managers with scientifically underpinned strategies that enable them to create highly performing teams where everyone feels valued and empowered.


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“Amy’s expertise has been invaluable to us in creating our new manager capability programme”

“Amy’s expertise has been invaluable to us in creating our new manager capability programme. She has simplified the complex, been great to collaborate with, and has shown tremendous flexibility in responding to our needs as we have worked together to build our new approach. She is also a jolly nice human being to boot!”

Steve Napier, HR Director, Twinings



Inspiring audiences with fresh ideas & a new shared language.


Big concepts packaged for practical application in your context.


Delivering sustainable changes in skills, mindsets and behavior.


Partnering with you to provide expert time-saving insight.


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How we can work with you

Building Core Capabilities

Managers who have all the foundational skills that are essential for high performing teams.



People Skills


Motivation & Engagement


Objective Setting & Delegation


Giving Feedback


Resilience & Well-being


Driving for results


Continuous learning


Diversity & Inclusion


Remote working




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Coach Savvy Managers 

A unique feedback-based coaching programme that quickly transforms People Managers into Empowering Coaches who can get the best out of their teams.



Question styles


Active Listening


Self Awareness


Prosocial Skills


Building Trust

Fact not Fluff Approach

Management training no longer relies on reading up on the latest theory and trying to work out how to put it into practice. We now have the evidence of what really works.

Over the past few decades neuroscience has been rolling out findings about how the brain works and how to make it work better. We’ve distilled the most relevant findings and packaged them up into practical, easy to implement strategies for managers who want new ways to empower people performance.


We know that traditional workshops don’t deliver sustainable changes in behavior. Our Full Brain Performance Framework is a 3 stage process that delivers results that stick.


First, we reimagine the possibilities of human brain performance.


Next, we redesign the mindframes, behaviors, and environments that unlock the full potential of your teams.


Then we reinforce the changes to ensure performance is sustained over time.

“It’s something that has resonated and adds gravitas to those conversations”

“The neuroscience training was insightful and really appealed to me to know how and why we do things the things we do. I found it applies so often to the every day work that I do; whether that’s in training, coaching or development chats, it’s something that has resonated and adds gravitas to those conversations.”

Claire Kearney, Commercial Training Manager, News UK

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Together we can discuss your needs and zero in on which of our training solutions would be best suited for your managers.

2. Partner with us

We work with you to deliver a scientifically underpinned training solution that has stakeholder buy-in and fresh, practical insights that engage, inspire and stick.

3. Enjoy seeing your managers flourish.

Watch as your managers unlock potential and create highly performing teams where everyone feels valued and empowered.


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For managers to get the very best out of their team it’s not enough for them to just be a good manager. They also need to be a good coach. But it’s hard to know what the right questions to ask are when it comes to coaching conversations.

Neuroscience for Coaches is packed with the latest scientific insights that your managers can apply in everyday coaching conversations.

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