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The Influential Leader

There are high expectations for leaders today. This programme helps leaders identify where they are best to invest their energies and attention for the greatest return. It draws on credible research and translates it into practical tools and practices for your leaders. Leaders walk away refreshed, inspired and ready to implement.

What we cover

Synaptic Circle

The model that uncovers the evidence based essentials for leaders.

Home Grown Brain

The cross-training approach to improve brain networks correlated with desired core leadership skills.

Beautifully Simple Model

The scientific underpinnings to motivating and engaging people.  

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What you need to know about our Influential Leader Programme

1. Why Leaders need to know people science

They don’t need to. They’re just far more effective if they do. You wouldn’t expect your head of finance not to know how to operate a profit and loss spreadsheet. It makes sense for those leading other humans to understand how they are wired and how to help them get the best from themselves. Neuroscience and behavioural science are the disciplines that best inform us in these matters.


2. Who should go on this programme?

Your people with higher levels of responsibility. Those who others look to as role models. Behavioural science tells us people replicate what they see, not what they are told. So equip your leaders to be good influencers and you’ll see returns throughout the organisation.

3. How the Program works

Typically this flexible programme walks a medium size group through monthly sessions that gives them new approaches and focuses to experiment with.

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