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Culture can make everyday easier and more fulfilling. It can literally help people to do their jobs better. Or it can be a big blocker. This programme helps to unpack how different cultures (and less well known facets) can act as a catalyst for the results you’re working towards.

What we cover

Designing Intentionally

Understanding what features drive what types of behaviours and results.

Fit For Purpose

How to actually shift your culture from existing to desired.

How to Decide

Some cultural components are conflicting, and until you look inside the brain you may not know why or what to do about it.

To discuss how we helped Twinings UK to intentionally shape their culture, email us.


What you need to know about our Culture Creator Programme

1. Why Not All Culture is Created Equal

From a neural perspective, it’s not so much the case that some cultures are good and some are bad (although some are absolutely toxic!). It’s more an opportunity to look at what you want to enable people to contribute to your organization, and then what environment, habits and many other influencers that make up culture should actually be. Then create it.

2. Who should go on this programme?

Typically leaders who are influential at a high level. HR and L&D and anyone involved in shaping the people agenda.

3. How the Program works

Normally over at least 3 months, but typically much longer, we get alongside your chosen team and help them understand the science behind what needs to be done and then explore how best it will work for your organization.

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