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The Change Architect

This highly practical programme will explore the essential building blocks of behaviour change. Your people will be equipped with both the knowledge and experience to dramatically improve how they shape behaviours. The expectation is that they walk away ready to use their new tools to positively shape their working experience and the organization.

What we cover


The model with all the core influences on behaviour that you didn’t know were scuppering your efforts.

Networks for Change

A deep understanding of the networks that help and hinder behaviour change.

Practical Project

The opportunity to dig into a real challenge your organization is grappling with and get feedback and support.


To discuss how we worked with Mondeleze to upskill their change managers in these cutting edge skills or how we tailored a programme for Greater Sport Manchester, email us. 

What you need to know about our Change Architect Programme

1. Why an organization needs behavioural science

You can try to change people through trial and error. However, it is slow and often things slide back. Behavioural science is experimental in nature. It doesn’t always deliver perfect results the first time, but experimenting without any knowledge relies totally on luck. Many things can be improved with just a bit of knowledge, and complex challenges can be tackled with deeper knowledge.

2. Who should go on this programme?

Anyone involved in creating and maintaining change in your organization. Humans are very complex and having the support of experts when trying to create long term change shortcuts some steep learning curves.

3. How the Program works

This programme can run from 3-12 months depending on how deep you want to dig.

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