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Resilient Team Players

Individuals go through ups and downs. Due to emotional contagion however, down times can pull the whole team down too. This is just one of many reasons why modern organizations need to be proactive in protecting mental health. Take advantage of the stacks of research that can help teams to be stronger together. 

What we cover

Building Resilience

the evidence based tools and habits that can strengthen these neural networks.

Reducing stress

What you can actively do, regularly, to keep stress from becoming chronic and problematic. 

Recognizing symptoms

How to spot and what to do when mental health problems become a challenge.

Email us to discuss how we recently worked with InterDigital to help them create resilient teams.

What you need to know about our Resilient Team Players Programme

1. Why Invest in Building Resilience?

After recent times there is far more awareness around this than ever before. We have been supporting organizations with building resilience and reducing stress for years before the pandemic, but even more so during it.

2. Who should go on this programme?

Everyone should have access to these scientifically proven resilience building and stress reducing tools.

3. How the Program works

There are 34 modules all available online with various resources including videos, PDFs, exercises that can be done in teams and more.

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