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People development solutions that strengthen collaboration and boost team performance.


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It’s our differences that make us special.

But when there is a disconnect between people working together in an organisation then it results in…


Dysfunctional teams


Poor performance


Siloed working practices


Incivility and Conflict

Don’t let this become the norm. Partner with Synaptic Potential and equip your people with scientifically underpinned strategies that show them how to work well with others and supercharge their collective performance.


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“It was wonderful to see your passion and expertise in action”

“I simply loved it, it was wonderful to see your passion and expertise in action. I had a chat with my colleagues on our way back to the office. We all thought it was extremely valuable and your storytelling combined to exemplifying was simply great!”

Anne Lind – MD Financial Services, Accenture, Finland



Inspiring audiences with fresh ideas & a new shared language.


Big concepts packaged for practical application in your context.


Delivering sustainable changes in skills, mindsets and behavior.


Partnering with you to provide expert time-saving insight.


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How we can work with you


Fixing Dysfunctional Teams

Avoiding conflict and creating teams that are greater than the sum of their parts.



Shared Attention


Inclusion & Belonging


Prosocial skills


Avoiding Conflict


Giving & Receiving Feedback

Collaborative thought and action

Collective thinking and shared behaviors to overcome complex problems and generate new opportunity spaces.



Synchronized thinking


Cognitive Diversity


Social Flow


Creativity & Problem-solving




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Fact not Fluff Approach

Teams are the powerhouses of an organization and neuroscience sheds light on how they can best work.

Rather than relying on unsubstantiated theories or ad-hoc findings, partner with Synaptic Potential to diagnose the core challenges that your teams are facing. Let us then share with you the insights, habits and frameworks that your teams need to work well together and capitalize on the power of their collective thought and action.


We know that traditional workshops don’t deliver sustainable changes in behavior. Our Full Brain Performance Framework is a 3 stage process that delivers results that stick.


First, we reimagine the possibilities of human brain performance.


Next, we redesign the mindframes, behaviors, and environments that unlock the full potential of your teams.


Then we reinforce the changes to ensure performance is sustained over time.

“We have seen real outcomes.”

The work Synaptic Potential have been doing with UNNC has been a great catalyst for change where we have seen real outcomes.

Ben Whitter, Director of Organisational Development, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

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We work with you to deliver a scientifically underpinned training solution that has stakeholder buy-in and fresh, practical insights that engage, inspire and stick.

3. Enjoy innovative, productive and happy teams

Watch as your teams align their thoughts and supercharge their collective performance.


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