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What does it take to work effectively as a team?

Your teams make it all happen. The world as we know it has changed and so must how we support and develop our people. You can expect a lot from your teams, but only if the environment will facilitate that. They need investment to adjust and fulfill their potential.

We help you create teams that are:


Diverse and inclusive, high functioning, innovative and creative. Working together remotely, in person or hybrid.


Able to maintain high levels of contribution to the organization while respecting individuals wellbeing and needs.


Continuously learning, developing and adapting. Change ready and excited by agility and new opportunities.

“Of particular interest was the neuroscience behind how we can prepare our brains for optimal performance…”

“Thanks so much for your session, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Once again, it was a privilege to hear you talk about neuroscience in a way that is accessible and relevant for an HR audience.  Of particular interest was the neuroscience behind how we can prepare our brains for optimal performance, and the discussion on what will be the preserve of humans in an AI world.”


Gillian Morris, Head of Talent Management, Jaguar Land Rover

Our Trailblazing Teams Lab

Training Programs

Next generation thinkers

This programme gives your teams access to highly converted and valuable information. A series of 50 different topics all jam packed with why you need to know about the topic, what the science is that you don’t want to miss, how you practically can build your capability in this area and a neat summary – all in under 15 minute bite size videos. But far more than just the amazing content, the ways we recommend you use the content in your teams helps to develop vital routines and behaviours that give you huge benefits in a range of areas. Invest in your learning culture with these engaging and fascinating assets.

Resilient team players

Building resilience and dealing with stress effectively are skills. We’re not just born good at these. There is masses of quality research that help us understand how best to build up resilience and how organizations and teams can deal with stress. For the long term health of an organization this needs to be taken seriously every week. This programme draws on the hard science and translates it into practical tools individuals and teams can use to rebuild their brains.

How does neuroscience help me develop better teams?


Research tells us that you need engaged teams. People who are present and energised when they are working for your organization. They need to buy into the process of continuous development. To see learning as the privilege it is, and that is only going to be possible if you are giving them juicy things to learn about! People love learning about how they work, and how they can make their lives easier and better through some simple tweaks. That’s what neuroscience offers your teams.

Interactive workshops where teams have hand-on learning


Scientifically underpinned

Our workshops are underpinned by the latest science and this means you can trust the content. There are no fears that 20-year-old theories that were disproved 10 years ago may crop up!


The focus of each workshop is to deliver specific objectives, and also to inspire and equip people to think differently. Most of us know more about our favorite hobby than we know about how our brain works.


Our workshops explain the fascinating science that shapes our decisions and behaviors daily…then most importantly shares HOW TO USE THIS. The value in our workshops comes from what people do afterwards.

Workshop: “Change Readiness”

This practical workshop will explore the essential building blocks of behaviour change. The session will equip you with both the knowledge and experience to dramatically improve how you shape behaviours. The expectation is that you walk away ready to use your new tools to positively shape your working experience and the organization.


This workshop is for you if:

  • Certain behaviours are key to your results
  • You want to influence people
  • You want to increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity
  • Change is desirable or even essential

Workshop: “Home grown brain”

People need to have high self-awareness and recognise that they can develop. They are typically time pressured and desire the most improvements for the smallest investment of precious attention and time. That’s why we created a method of cross training for your brain – levelling up your internal environment. Cross training is a way of developing multiple skills and character traits for the minimum investment. The model was created through deep research. We looked at the top skills that most organisations desire and at the cognitive mechanisms behind these skills and behaviours.  We found the neural overlaps so you equip teams to focus on strengthening that which will have the biggest impact.


This workshop is for you if:

  • Your people are time poor but keen to develop
  • You want to stretch their capabilities
  • Your team’s productivity, creativity and ability to collaborate is important
  • People enjoy cutting edge insights

“Amy has been one of the most memorable speakers I have ever seen in action.”

“Amy has been one of the most memorable speakers I have ever seen in action. She has a great talent at connecting with her audience and building massive rapport. She is a very approachable person and had me participating in ways few other speakers could manage. She speaks with passion and knowledge, whilst maintaining a very human and relaxed ambience. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Amy and see her as a true inspiration. I sincerely hope I have many more opportunities to meet Amy in the future.”


Wayne Bennett – Flagship 3 – Perth – Australia

Introduce a stepwise change across your whole organisation with one of our keynotes

Perhaps you already have speakers regularly come into your organization, and are looking for someone a little different. Maybe you don’t do anything on a regular basis but would like a one-off boost. Whatever your needs we can create something specifically to meet your outcomes.

We have an unusual style. It has been noted that our passion for delivering complex ideas and research in an accessible, down to earth, often even comical way, is refreshing. The power that comes from this unique blend of quantum physics, neuroscience, coaching, leadership and management training means people keep coming back to learn more. Through seeing the tangible results it wouldn’t make sense not to.

Keynote: “Make Your Brain Work (Better)”

The ‘Make Your Brain Work’ keynote is a choice you can make with confidence. Audiences are fascinated to learn about the inner workings of their brain and mind and excited by the potential they hold within themselves.


What your teams will learn about:

  • Feeling more in control through the use of specific, easy to implement, ‘brain friendly’ approaches
  • An infectious state of being proactive
  • People creating more helpful habits

Keynote: “Building Better Brains”

Brains are obviously driving all your team’s results. Most people know relatively little about how they work though. This is a missed opportunity. Once you know how brains work you can utilise the 1% approach to slowly take advantage of marginal gains. This keynote can cover a huge range of different ways to build better brains.


What your teams will learn about:

  • The basics around how you, systematically, make marginal gains
  • How  your daily habits are affecting you and what to do about them
  • Making high quality decisions, quickly
  • Problem solving with confidence

Teams Learning Lab

Discover the essential ingredients for successful people development, through the lens of Neuroscience.


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