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At Synaptic Potential, we know that every organization has untapped people potential that can be harnessed to accelerate growth and drive success. To do this your people need to know more about the place this potential comes from – THEIR BRAIN.

But the problem is that…


People are never taught about how their brain works


There is no go-to manual that tells people how to make their brain work better.


If you don't know how your brain works, you don't know how to make it work better.

That’s where we come in.

We believe that everyone deserves to fulfil their potential. We understand the frustration that people feel when they miss an opportunity because they weren’t able to perform at their very best. And we’ve made it our mission to take the latest credible science and package it into practical programs that show people how to harness their unrealised potential and become a better version of themselves.


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“It was a privilege to hear you talk about neuroscience in a way that is accessible and relevant”

“Thanks so much for your session, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Once again, it was a privilege to hear you talk about neuroscience in a way that is accessible and relevant for an HR audience.  Of particular interest was the neuroscience behind how we can prepare our brains for optimal performance.”

Gillian Morris, Head of Talent Management, Jaguar Land Rover



Inspiring audiences with fresh ideas & a new shared language.


Big concepts packaged for practical application in your context.


Delivering sustainable changes in skills, mindsets and behavior.


Partnering with you to provide expert time-saving insight.


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Your leaders shape your organization’s future. But breaking the status quo can be extremely hard. We partner with organizations to give their leaders the insights and tools they need to harness the potential of their workforce so they can bring about sustainable change, avoid toxic cultures and inspire others.

Facilitating Behavior Change

Overcoming the status quo and bringing about sustainable change


Creating Cultures

Avoiding toxic cultures and building a workplace where the culture is in service of the organizational goals.


Strategic Thinking

Shaping the future with acute foresight and innovative thinking.


Powerful Narratives

Powerful communicators who can persuade, inspire and engage at all levels.



Your Managers are the glue that holds your organization together. They have the impossible task of being a diplomat, coach, strategist and innovator all at the same moment. We work with organizations to grow their core management capabilities and provide their managers with the coaching frameworks that allow them to unlock the potential of their teams.

Building Core Capabilities

Managers who have all the foundational skills that are essential for high performing teams.


Managers as Coaches

Empowering people to become a better version of themselves.



Your teams are the powerhouses of your organization. But dysfunctional teams stop organizations being as successful as they could be. We equip teams with the strategies and frameworks they need to overcome these barriers and show them the skills, mindsets and behaviors that will fuel their collective performance.

Fixing Dysfunctional Teams

Avoiding conflict and creating teams that are greater than the sum of their parts.


Collaborative thought and action

Collective thinking and shared behaviors to overcome complex problems and generate new opportunity spaces.


Committed to your success

Tailored to your needs

We ensure we understand what you want to achieve and design the program so that it allows you to achieve those results.

Stakeholder Engagement

We engage with all your stakeholders and agree timelines to ensure everyone is on the same page and feels heard.

Regular Check-ins

Intentional check-ins ensure everyone is happy and we can course correct if anything has changed or come to light.

Sustaining the Benefit

We review and advise on sustainability to ensure the behavior changes last and to discuss next steps to keep the benefits coming.