Optimizing Leadership

Upping Your Game

Who’s it for?

Tailored versions of this programme are available for leaders at each level of the organisation. There are strong benefits to alignment of leadership throughout your organisation.

  • C-suite members
  • Senior leaders
  • Department leaders
  • Team leaders

This workshop could be exactly what you need if:

  • you want to be the most effective leader possible
  • you believe in really understanding how people work
  • you are committed to thinking and reflecting
  • other people are relying on you
  • you know things could be better


As a leader you need to ensure alignment between business objectives and your people strategy. Neuroscience and other sciences can offer reliable insights into what leaders need to be aware of. Some old perspectives and training contradicts modern research. The invitation is to take advantage of the knowledge we have about how people work.

This practical programme will explore how people change and what you can do to make that process easier. Meaning transitions, growth and innovation can be quicker, smoother and more effective. The expectation is that you walk away from the programme with clear actions to take that will have a directly positive effect on the organisation and your teams.

What can delegates expect from attending?

  • To optimize your leadership of yourself, your team and your organization through the practical application of the latest findings from science
  • To learn how to build trust in teams & organisations and the importance of perceived fairness
  • Our Synaptic Circle model that many leaders choose to use as a reference checklist to make continued improvements strategically
  • To understand the threat response and how to manage it
  • To understand the reward response and how to activate it
  • Recognition of the role emotions are playing in performance and confidence in how to utilise them effectively
  • To leave with a clear and implementable action plan for yourself, your team, your organization and other stakeholders
  • To add value to your organisation through engaging people’s brains to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity

“The feedback from the participants was completely positive. Your method of delivery matched the high expectations I had, you were able to engage people, to energise them and to inspire people with being able to present simple solutions to big problems we have.”

How was Amy to work with? – “It was great, simple, quick and open, I felt you were completely flexible to adapt to request even when they were done on the spot, really awesome, you were an incredible ‘asset’ in the meeting.”

“Dr. Miguel Cabral , Regional Coordinator for Europe, IFMSA”

“Amy is a delight to work with. She takes the complex area of neuroscience and places it within reach of everyone through her expert use of knowledge, research and models. Students are able to discuss and explore this subject in a clear and practical way which can results in instant application to their practice of leadership”

“Stephanie Sturges, Manchester Metropolitan University Executive Coach & Senior Lecturer (Leadership), Business School”

Practical Bottom Line Benefits

  • Delivering business results through well led teams
  • Reduced people churn
  • Quickly identifying next gen leaders
  • Nurturing high performance
  • Increased innovation
  • Better problem-solving
  • Novel thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Agility
  • Flexibility

What To Do Now

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