Neuroscience For Coaches

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Who’s it for?

This workshop is tailored for:

  • Do you understand the value of a Coaching culture?
  • Are you committed to strengthening the managers and leaders who act in a coaching capacity?
  • Then consider partnering with us to offer cutting edge CPD to your Coaches

Is Neuroscience for Coaches a Good Fit?

This Continued Professional Development Programme could be exactly what you need if:

  • You have an existing pool of trained Coaches
  • You’re looking to develop, inspire, upskill these Coaches
  • You want anyone who manages or leads others to understand how people work

How it works:

The approach is tailored to your specific needs, preferences and budget. You may select individual components or the full 12-month programme. It may include:

  • Face to face workshops
  • Webinars
  • Online resources
  • Action learning sets
  • Buddy work

Features of the Programme:

We work with how the brain naturally learns so the process is as easy as possible for your Coaches

  • The focus is on how they can practically apply what you learn back into your workplace
  • Your trainer will at times take a Coaching role and may challenge or encourage people
  • The expectation is that they walk away with clear applications that will have a directly positive effect on the organization and your teams


Each delegate will grow in their understanding and confidence of how their coaching works and how to best support others. The quality of their coaching will also improve.

  • Coaches learn how coaching really works and how to get the most out of every opportunity
  • They understand the latest insights from neuroscience and how these can be applied to their work daily
  • People discover a renewed passion for people and how exciting they are to help fulfil their potential

Cascade Effect

We ensure that every programme we offer delivers the potential to cascade the positive effects throughout the organization. Each module has specific content chunks, exercises or tasks that the Coaches are encouraged to take back to their teams to share the benefits with.

The Modules

We invest 3 months focusing on each module.

The Brain & Coaching Basics

The brain basics module covers the essential neuroanatomy and neurochemicals that you’ll want to know about. It is very important that everything you learn has practical applications. This module explains how some of your most familiar areas of expertise as a Coach actually work from a brain perspective. Imagine understanding the neuroscience of goals and the power that gives both you and your client – that along with habits and beliefs are the core focuses for this module.

The Brain in Action & The Science of Softness

The second module looks at some essential brain concepts that will reveal why the people you work with behave in the way they do on many occasions. Also some of the practices (such as mindfulness) and states (such as flow) have a large body of neuroscientific research to back them up. In this module we look at that research and how you can use it to further empower and serve the people you work with.

Behaviour Change

Module three is crucial for Coaches. The process of changing behaviour is obviously of huge importance to you as a Coach. The great news is that neuroscience has a lot to offer us in how we work with people to optimize the process of making changes. Research in this field will shape how you think about your work going forward.

Productivity Powerhouse

Our final module looks at productivity and what we know about optimizing our brain’s capacity for results. Looking at things as diverse as motivation to fairness, from decision-making to optimism we will delve deep into what makes people tick and how to Coach them to get the most out of themselves.

What To Do Now

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