The Neuroscience Behind Successful Organisations

Who’s it for?

This workshop is tailored for:

  • Senior leaders
  • Team leaders

This workshop could be exactly what you need if:

  • you want people to be resilient, committed and flexible
  • you value the impact an engaged workforce can make
  • things are changing and you want people to be change ready
  • people may be jaded and in need of refreshment or simply want to reach new levels of achievement
  • you want to capture new employees and nurture high performers


This workshop is all about engaging brains and enabling people to focus and be productive, while having a more positive experience. We are human beings first, before we are employees and honouring this helps everyone get better results. Connecting people to the core of the organisation is vital and this session draws on hard science to offer credibly reliable ways forward.

We explore what science tells us about how we work best. Examine the practical applications of the evidence around problem solving, innovation and quality thinking.

What can delegates expect from attending?

  • To understand what engagement really is from a brain perspective and how to enhance it
  • To appreciate their individual responsibility to engage, what their team can do and how the organization overall can be structured to best support
  • Tools: The Beautifully Simple Model that gets RESULTS & The Winning Scientific Formula
  • Structured approaches to put things into action and start enhancing the culture

“Amy Brann is an absolute pleasure to work with. Really onboard and enthused from the first contact. Her knowledge and presentation style is outstanding. Amy delivered a workshop to a group of 70 members of The Employee Engagement Alliance. She kept the audiences energy and enthusiasm throughout the entire session. The feedback from this event with Amy has been our best to date. Anyone looking to understand more about how our brains work and how using this knowledge helps to increase employee engagement, then don’t hesitate to call Amy/Synaptic.”

“Ruth Dance, The Employee Engagement Alliance”

“The neuroscience training was insightful and really appealed to me to know how and why we do things the things we do. I found it applies so often to the every day work that I do; whether that’s in training, coaching or development chats, it’s something that has resonated and adds gravitas to those conversations.”

“Claire Kearney, Commercial Training Manager, News UK”

Practical Bottom Line Benefits

  • Quicker results
  • Alignment between people strategy and business strategy
  • Reduce thinking time for non-critical issues
  • Creation of desirable habits
  • Make challenging behaviours more attainable

What To Do Now

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