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We offer a range of workshops to organizations who want to deliver results. They are cutting edge and scientifically underpinned and this means you can trust the content. There are no fears that 20-year-old theories that were disproved 10 years ago may crop up! The focus of each workshop is to deliver specific objectives, and also to inspire and equip people to think differently. Most of us know more about our favorite hobby than we know about how our brain works. Our workshops explain the fascinating science that shapes our decisions and behaviors daily…then most importantly shares HOW TO USE THIS. The value in our workshops comes from what people do afterwards.

Our Unique Approach

Layered Learning

We have created, based on our knowledge of how people learn, a model of Layered Learning. This means that attendees retain more information, process more effectively and change more of their behaviors as a result. The workshops deliver far greater return on investment by utilizing this approach.

Cascade Effect

We also offer to use another model, called the Cascade Effect with any of our workshops to further enhance the return on investment you get. Again, because we understand how people learn we utilize this to both give more to each of the participants but also to people who aren’t even attending the workshop. Talk to us about how these elements work with any of our existing workshops or any bespoke, scientifically underpinned workshops you may want us to develop for you.

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Interactive workshops where teams have hand-on learning


Talk to us about how these elements work with any of our existing workshops or any bespoke, scientifically underpinned workshops you may want us to develop for you.

Optimizing Leadership

Introducing ‘The Synaptic Circle’. This is the scientifically underpinned approach to leadership, cultural maturity and strong organizational development. Leaders walk away having evaluated their personal areas of strength and weakness, their teams and their organisation. They can refer to the model as a checklist to make substantial improvements over time. Leaders recognise the logic behind the components of great leadership, can see the science and invest time in strategizing how they can improve how things are done in their context


What your leaders will learn about:

  • The neural drivers to behaviour. How to use this to predict and influence behaviour for desired outcomes. 
  • The things they need to do weekly to build a stronger, more effective organization. 
  • Questions they can use to Coach their teams to further develop them.

Accelerating an Organization towards Change Readiness

Change Readiness NQ is the capacity of your organisation – and in particular the employees working within your organisation – to intelligently anticipate, prepare for, manage and respond to change, proactively cultivating the resulting opportunities and mitigating potential negative impacts. By identifying and assessing potential capability gaps in your employee’s Change Readiness NQ across its core pillars, you will be able to make informed decisions that will strengthen the change readiness of your organisation. 


What your leaders will learn about:

  • Why Change Readiness NQ is so important and how to use this information to get ahead of the challenges
  • Practically what you need to be doing to be proactive instead of reactive. 
  • How to not only become more agile, but also increase flexibility in thinking and resilience and innovation.

Your Engaged Brain

This workshop is all about engaging brains and enabling people to focus and be productive, while having a more positive experience. We are human beings first, before we are employees and honouring this helps everyone get better results. Connecting people to the core of the organisation is vital and this session draws on hard science to offer credibly reliable ways forward.


This workshop is for you if:

  • You want people to be resilient, committed and flexible
  • You value the impact an engaged workforce can make
  • Things are changing and you want people to be change ready
  • People may be jaded and in need of refreshment or simply want to reach new levels of achievement

How to Make your Brain Work (Better)

The ‘Make Your Brain Work’ workshop is a choice you can make with confidence. Audiences are fascinated to learn about the inner workings of their brain and mind and excited by the potential they hold within themselves. We share with you all the insights that enable you to transform personal and corporate productivity through increasing understanding of how to work with your brain and those around you.


This workshop is for you if:

  • Your bottom line depends on people’s ability to use their brains effectively
  • High performing staff are keen to get the edge
  • People value science above fluff
  • You have intelligent managers

Change Readiness

This practical workshop will explore the essential building blocks of behaviour change. The session will equip you with both the knowledge and experience to dramatically improve how you shape behaviours. The expectation is that you walk away ready to use your new tools to positively shape your working experience and the organization.


This workshop is for you if:

  • Certain behaviours are key to your results
  • You want to influence people
  • You want to increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity
  • Change is desirable or even essential

Home grown brain

People need to have high self-awareness and recognise that they can develop. They are typically time pressured and desire the most improvements for the smallest investment of precious attention and time. That’s why we created a method of cross training for your brain – levelling up your internal environment. Cross training is a way of developing multiple skills and character traits for the minimum investment. The model was created through deep research. We looked at the top skills that most organisations desire and at the cognitive mechanisms behind these skills and behaviours.  We found the neural overlaps so you equip teams to focus on strengthening that which will have the biggest impact.


This workshop is for you if:

  • Your people are time poor but keen to develop
  • You want to stretch their capabilities
  • Your team’s productivity, creativity and ability to collaborate is important
  • People enjoy cutting edge insights

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