Mental Wellbeing

Who’s it for?



This could be exactly what you need if:

  • Your people are currently struggling
  • You want to help rebuild eroded resilience
  • Your managers have questions around how they can best support people


Mental well-being is critical for organisational success. Since the COVID-19 pandemic more organisations have become invested in supporting and developing their peoples mental well-being. This is healthy wave. As experts in neuroscience our team is well positioned to help build organisational resilience. We have trawled the scientific literature to extract the best evidence based approaches your people can implement to strengthen their mental well-being. While many people are still coping with stresses, since the start of the pandemic more people are finding things harder. This programme supports a proactive approach to looking after mental wellbeing overtime.

Who we’ve supported with mental wellbeing

  • Mondeleze
  • Interdigital
  • CannonDesign
  • Vouchercodes
  • & Hundreds more!

LinkedIn Learning Resources

Amy Brann has been asked to provide courses to Linked In learning on the topic of mental wellbeing. If your organisation has access to this fantastic set of resources you can watch them here:

Are you an L&D / HR / OD professional working in an organisation you’re proud of? 

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What to do now

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