Development Programmes

You need partners for your development programmes you can trust

Your reputation and effectiveness requires results. Any development programmes you’re going to invest people’s valuable time in, you need to be confident will do what you need it to.

Are you an L&D / HR / OD professional working in an organisation you’re proud of?

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Can you relate?

You feel responsible for the development of your people.

You need people to be resilient, change ready and high performers. The business goals achievement depends on their ability to deliver. Which means you need to ensure they have the skills, tools and mindsets required.

We support organisations with flexible, tailored development programmes

No two organisations are the same. Not even the departments within an organisation are the same. We get that. That’s why our development programmes are typically co-designed. We are fortunate to be sought out by companies who have very switched on L&D and HR people. They know how people learn and change. They appreciate that a one off workshop isn’t likely to creating sustainable behaviour change.

Organisations today, where the voices of the L&D & HR team are valued and listened to are experts in their people. They know the needs. We also hugely value that. We don’t pretend to you know people’s current challenges. We do however, often find we’ve seen the individual challenges before. What we do know really deeply is the science of how people work and what they need to work at the highest level.

Collaborations that work best are where we bring the science and content and you bring your intimate knowledge of your organisation and your people. Together we shape an approach that will deliver the objectives you need in a way that works best. Because we’re working this way, we’re not trying to shoehorn your people into a development programme that isn’t going to fit.

Development programmes based on science

  • “We’ve ruled out some of the big players because their rigid programmes have really old, stale content”
  • “Our people are well educated and will be able to spot something that was discredited 5 years ago”
  • “We need something evidence based and fresh”

These are the types of comments we hear frequently before companies choose to work with us. We know these challenges exist when you’re looking for development programmes. We also know people with a range of background skill sets in organisations appreciate our approach. The objective, trustworthy and fascinating insights you can benefit from with a scientifically underpinned development programme seems to unite and inspire people.

Long term benefits

When we partner with organisations we want you to be reaping the benefits for years to come. We’re looking for paradigm shifts in how your people approach their development.

What to do now

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