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If you are considering how you can entertain and inspire people while educating them about something they’re unlikely to have heard about before then think of Synaptic Potential. Amy Brann, International Speaker and Respected Business Author:

  • Inspiring and Enabling Exceptional Performance – Sculpting your Organization to Achieve More
  • Give your people an understanding in how to feel engaged and create environments where they can do their best work. Amy Brann delivers “timeless wisdom with modern neuroscience”.
  • A Passionate Speaker Who Will Give Your People an Experience, a Message and the Tools so that They Won’t Forget!
  • Amy Brann has the credibility and zeal to make a big impact at your event.

Amy Brann Delivers Results!

Through her game changing speeches and workshops Amy Brann inspires and enables exceptional performance. Her insightful, practical and scientifically underpinned strategies will sculpt your organization to achieve more.

Amy Brann will:

  • Show you how to create strong, positive and productive cultures
  • Give your people an understanding in how to feel engaged and create environments where they can do their best work
  • Show you how to deliver a step-by-step change in organizational performance and individual achievement.

Recent Testimonials

Jane Oakland

Thrings LLP

“Your contribution was exceptional and really woke up the audience! It made all the difference to the debate and added a completely new dimension to it and I hope it has given you some interesting meads too amongst the audience. We have never had such a large take up on the invitations before and we know that there were well over 200 guests who stayed for the debate. I have had only positive feedback, and more of that than usual. I do really appreciate your contribution and I hope you enjoyed the morning and that it was worth getting up so early for it! Thank you once again.”

Jo Carruthers

Director of Academi Wales

“I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for the tremendous contribution you made to the 10th Anniversary of our Summer School event, in your role as speaker. Your energy and expertise have enriched our delegates, who have already given us heart-felt and enthusiastic feedback. Thank you again for your invaluable support in making the delegates’ learning experience an unforgettable one.”

Are you looking for a speaker who will:

‣ Engage

‣ Deliver results

‣ Inspire and energise

If so then read on…

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Perhaps you already have speakers regularly come into your organization, and are looking for someone a little different. Maybe you don’t do anything on a regular basis but would like a one-off boost. Whatever your needs we can create something specifically to meet your outcomes.

Synaptic Potential has delivered presentations, trainings and educationally motivational speeches around the world, from London to Hong Kong, with a range of age groups in a range of life situations.

We have an unusual style. It has been noted that our passion for delivering complex ideas and research in an accessible, down to earth, often even comical way, is refreshing. The power that comes from this unique blend of quantum physics, neuroscience, coaching, leadership and management training means people keep coming back to learn more. Through seeing the tangible results it wouldn’t make sense not to.

Some of our Keynotes

Audiences are fascinated to learn about the inner workings of their brain and mind and excited by the potential they hold within themselves. Synaptic Potential is rapidly becoming a leading authority on transforming personal and corporate productivity through increasing understanding of how to work with your brain and those around you. Rich in accessible content and relatable examples the Keynotes are easy for people to get their teeth into and identify the take home messages most useful for them.

Neuroscience of Innovation – The Help Your Brain Create Keynote

Amy Brann shares the science and practical steps you can take to increase innovation in this keynote. She has seen the challenges organisations have in becoming a more innovative culture and discloses how you can shortcut to success, avoiding their pains.

Learning Objectives / Takeaways:

  • The physical environments that will support innovation
  • The mental nudges for high quality innovation
  • Brain protectors for the innovation process

Neuroscience of Performance – The Make Your Brain Work Keynote

The ‘Make Your Brain Work’ keynote is a choice you can make with confidence. Audiences are fascinated to learn about the inner workings of their brain and mind and excited by the potential they hold within themselves.

Learning Objectives / Takeaways:

  • Feeling more in control through the use of specific, easy to implement, ‘brain friendly’ approaches
  • An infectious state of being proactive
  • People creating more helpful habits

Partnership between Humans and AI Keynote

The Partnership between Humans and AI keynote is a hot topic with very insightful underpinnings. Organisations need to get ahead in this area. Being prepared can save lots of cash, improve productivity and retain your best talent.

Learning Objectives / Takeaways:

  • Equip your people to be strengthening their uniquely human capabilities
  • Understand how and where to focus your people’s attention
  • Become prepared and excited about the opportunities that come with AI

Engaged Brains Keynote

Imagine waking up on Monday mornings feeling excited about the week ahead, and reaching Friday’s feeling fulfilled. There is both a strong business and personal case behind creating this to be our reality

Learning Objectives / Takeaways:

  • Confidence in how to engage people at a core level
  • Practical ways to start improving any organisation step by step
  • Inspired individuals to create something more effective

What People Say

“Amy has been one of the most memorable speakers I have ever seen in action. She has a great talent at connecting with her audience and building massive rapport. She is a very approachable person and had me participating in ways few other speakers could manage. She speaks with passion and knowledge, whilst maintaining a very human and relaxed ambience. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Amy and see her as a true inspiration. I sincerely hope I have many more opportunities to meet Amy in the future.”

Wayne Bennett – Flagship 3 – Perth – Australia

“I’ve had the opportunity to get trained by Amy on numerous occasions in a small group environment (in Hong Kong) as well as on a one on one basis (in Egypt).  She is an expert in her field and a true professional.  What really sets her apart from the rest is her genuine passion and her ability to create real results.

I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a speaker or corporate trainer.”

Willie H.W. Lau – York Education (HK) Institute – Hong Kong – China

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