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Virtual Offering

Supporting organizations globally with:

  • Cutting edge digital resources
  • Bite-sized insights compatible with existing programmes
  • Highly engaging learner journeys

We are addicted to translating the most valuable research into bite-sized practically applicable chunks your people can easily digest.

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, your digital resources need to be credible and effective.

Whether you need a full elearning programme, some brilliant resources to enhance and draw people to your LMS system or some fantastic videos to roll out as part of a live programme…we are trusted by the world’s most sophisticated L&D teams to deliver.

Resilience, Stress & Wellbeing

We created a resilience and stress programme jam packed with practical, scientifically underpinned things you can do to strengthen and protect your mental wellbeing. The difference within our approach is obviously the rigorous scientific underpinning, which really resonates with particular groups.

These series can be combined with a live or virtual workshop, or can stand alone. The intention of the resources is to equip everyone with ways that they can both build their resilience, and reduce their stress response in the moment when it occurs. By equipping, empowering and then making these scientifically underpinned exercises into habits you are supporting your employees performance as well as their mental health.

These resources are made as simple and practical as possible. Each topic contains an introduction, the science and an exercise via 3 separate videos. In addition there is a facilitators guide and references contained in separate PDFs. There are 16 topics in both the resilience and stress series.

As with everything we do, attention is given to how organisations can use training opportunities to bring people together, connect, learn, share and also develop new skills. So there are always multiple ways programmes can be delivered.


Neuroscience is an increasingly valued discipline. Finding reliable information that is explained in a down-to-earth way AND that links to practical applications can be difficult. One client came to us with a workforce of super brainy employees who were going to go through an engagement programme including a 2 day live training. The organization already had great in-house trainers who were going to run the live trainings. They recognised the value the scientific insights could add to the discussions and the overall takeaways. We were asked to initially create 3 videos, but after discussing the programme and the outcomes we offered them 17 topics which they then asked us to create. The feedback from the programme was good and the organization asked to share the content with other partner organizations too.

Global Management Capability

A global management capability programme was going to involve training the in house trainers face to face. However, it has been significantly improved by the redesign for virtual delivery. We will train the trainers virtually, and equip them to be able to deliver either a virtual programme or a face to face programme.

It has freed us up to better utilise the neuroscience of learning to ensure even better results. This will mean the trainers are really well supported as they roll out this neuroscientifically underpinned management training.

The performance management piece that accompanies this programme will also be trained virtually and easily cascaded around the world.

What are people saying about us?

Every single sentence was a nugget of gold

“Pretty quickly in our selection process you set yourself apart from the crowd. Your understanding of the situations we described and exploration of solutions you could offer showed a superior grasp of your field that was at once both credible and engaging. During our consultancy session every single sentence was a nugget of gold. I’ve got pages of notes. We couldn’t have asked for more.“

Hodl Whittaker, Learning Manager for Group, Tesco

High quality work in short periods of time

“I have had the opportunity to work with Amy for approximately a year and in that time she has proven to be very engaging regardless of whether talking to a senior global stakeholder or a junior professional. Amy is able to discuss a range of topics in a manner where she demonstrates deep knowledge and understanding of neuroscience yet translates this into a simple matter of fact way. She is articulate in her delivery and is able to build on ideas in a collaborative way. She is very responsive and provides high quality work in short periods of time. Finally for me, one of Amy’s differentiating factors is her ability to link real business problems to solutions.“

Caroline Henderson, Director, Global Assurance Talent Team, EY

High level of interest and engagement

“Our senior team introductory session with Amy provoked a high level of interest and engagement. Since working in this role, I haven’t seen the group latch on to something so quickly in such a strong way.”

Steven Napier, International HR Director, Twinings Ovaltine


“The work Synaptic Potential have been doing with UNNC has been a great catalyst for change where we have seen real outcomes. We have an engaged team of coaches trained in neuroscience who have a great awareness of how to get the best from people.”

Ben Whitter, Director of Organisational Development, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

Neuroscience at Work

Our Neuroscience at Work programme uses 50 popular topics to support productivity and creativity with the goal of #buildingbetterbrains.  We help your people access their potential better than ever before. Using a combination of evidence based strategies and fascinating novel bite-sized videos; change can start quickly.

Here are a few capability benefits that our #buildingbetterbrains approach offers:

  • Better problem solving abilities
  • Increased creativity & innovation
  • Great decision making
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Improved flexibility
  • Enriched engagement
  • Superior wellbeing

This approach and content is getting great reviews by the early adopters in various parts of the world.

What To Do Now

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