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We really value the trust the amazing organizations from around the world have put in us when partnering to bring fresh approaches into their norms. People keep coming back to us, because they know they don’t find what we do elsewhere, and we help them to make a difference. If there are things you think we could help you with that you don’t see mentioned here do get in touch. Everything was created from nothing once.

Our Training Programs


Our deep transformational training programmes that draw on insights from the sciences are what we are known best for. We love getting alongside organizations, learning what they need to achieve, and helping them understand what is needed to get there. This is where really impactful change occurs.

The Influential Leader

For Leaders who need to be able to inspire and engage to bring people along with them.

The Change Architect

For Leaders who need to be able to effect complex change within the organization.

The Culture Creator

For Leaders who know the culture impacts performance daily and have particular goals they need to achieve.

The Coach Savvy Manager

Managers who help their people reach their full potential through coaching.

The High Impact Manager

Managers who have all the foundational skills essential for high performing teams.

Resilient Team Players

Making sure teams have strong mental resources and know how to positively impact their mental health.

Next Generation Thinkers

Teams who know all about the science and practical applications around effective decision making, problem solving, emotional intelligence, building social connections, engagement, motivation, learning, self care and more.

Our Workshops

Scientifically underpinned

Our workshops are underpinned by the latest science and this means you can trust the content. There are no fears that 20-year-old theories that were disproved 10 years ago may crop up!


The focus of each workshop is to deliver specific objectives, and also to inspire and equip people to think differently. Most of us know more about our favorite hobby than we know about how our brain works.


Our workshops explain the fascinating science that shapes our decisions and behaviors daily…then most importantly shares HOW TO USE THIS. The value in our workshops comes from what people do afterwards.

Our workshops use techniques that mean the information sticks.

Amy Brann giving presentation

Example Workshop Topics


Optimizing Leadership

Change Readiness

The Engaged Brain

Make Your Brain Work (Better)

Home grown brain

“You are very knowledgeable and able to answer anything that is thrown at you…”

“For me, I really enjoyed the whole day and especially the morning. I value your grounding in research and the strong connections to that. You are very knowledgeable and able to answer anything that is thrown at you.”


Jane Sendall, Warner Bros, VP, Learning and OD, EMEA and Asia Pacific

Our Keynotes


Audiences are fascinated to learn about the inner workings of their brain and mind and excited by the potential they hold within themselves. We are a leading authority on transforming personal and corporate productivity through increasing understanding of how to work with your brain and those around you. Rich in accessible content and relatable examples the Keynotes are easy for people to get their teeth into and identify the take home messages most useful for them.

Keynotes that we offer


Leading the way with Mental Health

Creating environments for high performance

Managing for Wellbeing

Reducing loneliness at work

Make Your Brain Work (Better)

Building Better Brains

Let’s Work Together

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