Unlock Potential of Your People

How Do I Unlock the Potential of My People?

The most frequently asked question by HRDs we get is: 

“How do I unlock the potential of my people?”

The answer to that question is what I’ve dedicated the last 20 years to answering! 

Check out this recent  video I recorded to explain the framework we use that organisations are loving: 

Summary of the Science

The proposition at Synaptic Potential is that current working practices typically don’t enable people to easily access their Whole Brain Potential. 

So what does it mean to use your whole brain? 

It means using both your hemispheres and all your neural networks at your disposal. You proactively use the most helpful mindframes for what you need to do. Demonstrate behavioural flexibility and adaptability. You become a master of harnessing your environment rather than being a slave to your subconscious. 

What are the benefits? 

At work by using your whole brain potential benefits you in: 

Whole Brain Potential

Why aren’t people using their Whole Brain Potential?

People aren’t using their whole brain because they’ve been trained out of it. It starts in school. Unless you went to a very unusual school, then certain things will have been emphasised, certain behaviours encouraged, and certain neural networks will have begun to be strengthened. 

Practically, you have to retrain your brain to tap into different ways of working. All of our programmes feed into helping people to strengthen these habits that will enable them to access more of their Whole Brain Potential. 

You know you are using your Whole Brain Potential because things become easier and quicker. You are working with how your brain is designed and functions best rather than working against it. This alignment with your brain’s natural design and function is key to unlocking potential and achieving peak performance. 

Synaptic Potential’s programmes are meticulously designed to nurture and strengthen habits that allow individuals to access and leverage their Whole Brain Potential more effectively. Join us on this enlightening journey to explore the full capabilities of your mind and unlock the potential that awaits.

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