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Manager Capabilities Programme

A flexible modular management training programme for new or experienced managers based around Synaptic Potential’s Hallmarks of High Performance.


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Who’s this management training programme for?

This management training programme is designed for new or experienced managers who are looking to refine their management habits and unlock the potential of their teams. The programme will be a good fit for your organisation if…


Your people strive for new ways to develop their potential and achieve their best possible selves at work.


Your employees are discerning and will benefit from facts rather than fluff.


You value an evidence-based or science-based approach to people development.


You are looking for a way to approach performance enhancement that doesn’t result in employee burnout.


Your success depends on making sure your people are able to use their brains as well as possible.


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“Amy’s expertise has been invaluable to us in creating our new manager capability programme”

“Amy’s expertise has been invaluable to us in creating our new manager capability programme. She has simplified the complex, been great to collaborate with, and has shown tremendous flexibility in responding to our needs as we have worked together to build our new approach. She is also a jolly nice human being to boot!”

Steve Napier, HR Director, Twinings

What’s Included in this management training programme

The management training programme is modular and is built around our 8 Hallmarks of High Performance that have been developed based on a scientific understanding of the neural networks that underpin human behaviour and performance. The programme consists of multiple elements that are designed to fit around busy work schedules and commitments.

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To reimagine the possibilities and discuss priorities and opportunities.

management training assessments

Snap Shot Assessments

Pre and post assessments to support self-awareness.

management training videos

Video Explainers

Explaining the science and why it matters to management.

management training questions

Self Reflection Questions

Guided self-reflection to think deeply and differently.

management training exercises

Practical Hacks and Exercises

Evidence-based hacks and exercises that can be incorporated into the work day.

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What your managers will discover in this management training programme:


The reasons behind why they don’t achieve their full brain performance at work and what they can do about it as a manager.


How to implement the scientifically underpinned Whole Brain Potential™ Framework across multiple desired outcomes to get the best out of their teams and achieve success as a manager in a fulfilling way.


How they can use this framework to tackle the biggest challenges they face as a Manager.


Practical examples of how they can redesign their habits to unlock potential, complete with brain hacks, tools and takeaways.


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THE Whole Brain PotentialFRAMEWORK

Our Managerment Training Programme is built around a 3-stage habit change framework that takes your managers on a journey from reimagining what’s possible through to redesigning the way they work and reinforcing these changes to deliver meaningful and sustained improvements in their own, and their teams, performance.

Reimagining Manager Skills


First, we work with your managers to reimagine what’s possible for them and their teams and what success looks like.

Redesigning Manager Skills


Next, we provide practical ways to redesign their own  mindframes, behaviours, and environments, and those of their teams, to unlock potential and make this reimagined success a reality.

Reinforcing Manager Skills


Finally, we reinforce these redesigns using core behavioural change strategies to ensure they are sustained over time.

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The benefits your managers will leave with


A broad understanding of the key management capabilities and habits that will allow them to create high performing teams.


An individual plan for improving their management capabilities and habits across their highest priority hallmark(s) that can be practically and easily implemented in their daily work.


The confidence that this approach will support their own success, and the success of their team.


An inspiring new-found respect for what the human brain is capable of and how they can capitalize on this.


A clear framework to apply to their everyday work to improve their own performance and the performance of their teams in a brain-friendly way.


Evidence-based hacks to start applying right away to develop their potential and create high performing teams.


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The benefits of this management training programme from the perspective of your board

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Shifts the narrative

Shifts the narrative from performance management to performance enhancement.

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Healthy high performance

Provides an applied easy-to-implement framework that creates a strong, healthy, high-performing workforce.

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Practical Strategies

Has practical strategies and habit hacks that managers can start applying straightaway to make improvements to performance of their teams.

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