Neuroscience for Coaches

Expand your coaching offering

Equipping Coaches with the scientific understanding of how what they do works.

This programme trains attendees to use 5 neuroscience-based tools to help their clients achieve their goals more holistically and effectively by working with the brain, rather than against it.

Course Details

This course is for any Coach who is curious about neuroscience and wants a solid foundation in applying neuroscience to their Coaching.

This course is highly experiential, with lots of opportunities to practice in a triad or paid, so if you would prefer a deep dive into all the theory then our self-paced learning Neuroscience for Coaches programme is the better fit. 

We have had people with PhD’s in psychology and neuroscience go through our programmes and say they have been helpful. Similarly, experienced Coaches and those new to the profession. 

In this experiential session you will learn 5 practical tools that you can use with your clients immediately. However, by taking a deep dive into these tools you will also learn a whole lot of neuroscience (without crying over text books!). This will equip you with little nuggets that you can use with your clients to help them understand how they work. It will also mean you can evaluate more thoroughly the best next steps to suggest with your clients. Which questions to ask, which tools to use and where to challenge further will become clearer (with rationales).

During this programme we will cover all the things you’ve heard about being great from neuroscience:

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Neural networks
  • Brain chemicals
  • Brain regions

But we’ll do it in a very practical way. We will also cover so much more.

  • How to help people feel motivated
  • How to build new habits that last
  • How to reduce the chances that people go off track

In our 20 years of working with people, supporting them with everything from personal goals to organisational objectives, we’ve learnt how to apply these tools to a huge range of scenarios. Once you understand the neural underpinnings, you too will be able to more deeply and effectively support people with whatever they come to you with.

This course holds 9 CCE points

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Be confident in using 5 neuroscience-based tools to help your clients achieve their goals more holistically and effectively by working with the brain, rather than against it. Through the process of seeing and practising these tools you will also pick up lots of valuable insights about how the brain actually works. These help you and reassure any cautious clients about the scientific validity of good coaching.

3 x online sessions

  • Part 01: Monday 6 November 2023
  • Part 02: Monday 13 November 2023
  • Part 03: Monday 20 November 2023

Timings: 9.30-12.30 (UK time)

Amy Brann

Author of Neuroscience for Coaches, Director of Synaptic Potential – dedicated to helping organisations unlock the ‘Whole Brain Potential of their employees.


This short course is not a “train the trainer” course. Our short courses generally provide introductions to complex and sometimes sensitive topics and the course and the materials provided are not designed to equip delegates to deliver training in these areas.

The materials provided by Synaptic Potential Ltd on this short course, such as any slides or notes, are Synaptic Potential Ltds materials, designed for your personal use as a delegate on the course. Please note that these materials should not be reproduced or distributed to third parties.