Neurodiverse Talent

Want To Learn How To Recognise and Champion Neurodiverse Talent?

You’ve probably heard a lot about Neurodiversity in the past few years.

Brain differences can sometimes fall within what science suggests is “normal”, or if more pronounced, can sometimes result in a clinical diagnosis which labels the individual with a disorder such as ADHD or Autism. 


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This  often means that the individual’s brain falls outside the majority in some aspects of their thinking and behaviour. This brain difference is not necessarily always a weakness, it can also be an exceptional asset!

Championing Neurodiversity in your organisation is about capitalising on these exceptional assets, and accommodating the challenges that come with employing individuals from a currently untapped talent pool who don’t as easily conform to the same behavioural and social rules that often dominate the realm of business.

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In a world where innovation is key, recruiting individuals with brains that think and act differently can be the difference between a good idea and a great one.

I’ve created this whitepaper to help those in organisations recognise and celebrate neurodiverse brains, as well as highlighting top mistakes that many make when hiring talent.


How can you ensure everyone can access learning and development?

This workshop offers organisations an opportunity to build your colleague’s confidence in how they are supporting a wide range of people in their development. 

The question we are asked most frequently in this space is ‘How do make this accessible for people on the Autistic Spectrum / with ADHD / with dyslexia etc?’ 

During our 1-3 hours together we can take an existing learning opportunity that you offer your people and work together to make it more accessible.

🧠 Understand why neurodiversity is an asset

🧠 Build confidence in neurodivergent talent hiring

🧠 Learn about developing your talent pipeline with neurodiverse brains

🧠 Get insights on supporting and onboarding neurodivergent staff

 Once you have been through this process, you can use the principles to apply to any other learning opportunities that would also benefit from the upgrade!

Are you undergoing a major transformation in your workspace layout or design?

“(Amy’s) understanding of the situations we described and exploration of solutions you could offer showed a superior grasp of your field that was at once both credible and engaging. During our consultancy session every single sentence was a nugget of gold. I’ve got pages of notes. We couldn’t have asked for more.“
Hodl Whittaker,

Learning Manager for Group, , Tesco

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Fireside Chat

Our fireside chats typically fit into a lunchtime style slot in your people’s diary. It is a relaxed session where we can talk freely. 

We give you an overview of some of the key concepts you need to be aware of for the topic. This makes it really open for everyone’s real and raw questions. We sometimes bring an extra guest to these sessions. People normally leave feeling like they understand the issues far more deeply, and feel confident in discussing them. 

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About Synaptic Potential

Synaptic Potential is an international team of thought leaders applying cutting edge science to organisations. They have worked with companies such as Warner Brothers, EY, University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Twinings, the NHS, News UK, and Mondelez International. Their bespoke approach means partnering with organisations to help them strengthen their strategy, culture and performance.
We have specific experience with neurodiversity, as in various organisations Synaptic Potential has worked with, there were around 40% of individuals on the Autistic Spectrum. This depth of understanding around how the brain develops and networks are established and how this correlates with functional abilities is an angle that Synaptic Potential’s neuroscientific experience have a  strong foundation in.