Does management training need an overhaul?

Does management training needs an overhaul? This is a great question and there are several things that you want to consider when making up your mind about whether or not management training needs an overhaul.

How much do you remember when going to management training? Do you find that you do taking everything that you’re told and have a very high retention rate and have ability to apply the information that you learned? If it’s around to a 90% plus range then you could probably say that you’re getting good value for what you’re learning on management training. If it’s below 90% then perhaps not. Most management training’s retention and application rate are substantially lower. It heavily depends on the style of the training. The figures can be as low as between 10% and 40% that people are normally retaining and taking on board for management training.

Another area to consider is whether, when people are told that it’s time for management training, they are excited by this or whether they are bored by the idea. Do they feel that they’ve done it all before, have been to management trainings and have already seen that, done it, tried it, and applied the things that they’ve learned? They’re just not excited about the idea that they’re going to another management training. If that’s the case then I can absolutely say that management trainings need an overhaul.

The idea of going to a training and thinking that you already know the things that you will be taught is tedious, not exciting, it doesn’t invite you to be captivated and interested in what you’re going to learn, take on board then apply. Half the battle is lost before you even turn up to the management training and that would decrease the amount of value the participants get from the training and as for the people paying for the training they’re not definitely getting the value that they could get from it.

The final component when we think of management training whether it needs an overhaul is whether or not the information is given is useful to people. Does it get the results that people are looking for? There is a lot of content for management training relevant from neuroscience, which can deliver great results.

This has been a huge development within the industry and now enables us to go much deeper into information that empowers managers to have a very flexible approach and get results with many different types of people. This normally really helps bring excitement to management training and a desire to learn more, desire to believe that there are many ways that they could tweak how they’re doing things and how they could deepen their own understanding and therefore get better results for their teams. That would then lead to a better retention rate with all of these things working together.

Overall if any one of these components is not there or is not a strong component then there is an opportunity to overhaul management training and to bring in some management training that really inspires people and gets some revolutionary results.

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