Our experts have invested a lot of time over the years scrutinising insights from a vast amount of academic research that’s unlocking the secrets about how we work.  In our management training programme, that knowledge has been combined with our expertise in understanding the traits and behaviours necessary for developing the vital skills organisations need in their managers and leaders.

Our programme targets the specific behaviours that build capability. And it’s designed around the way your people’s brains work.

The programme uses a specialised form of cross training to build capability in as short a time as possible. We know employees have a lot on. This is a programme that works alongside a high workload, encouraging new helpful habits that will benefit your managers long after they’ve completed it.

A world of High Performing Neural Environments

The concept of High Performing Neural Environments is one we’ve developed over several years and it underpins our management training programme.

  • During the last few decades, there has been an explosion in what we know about the human brain and how to best extract its potential.
  • Many organisations still rely on outdated theories and practices however when it comes to employee development.
  • Without applying the best practices in employee development, organisations cannot succeed in reaching their potential. While employees in such organisations are no doubt developing to some degree, they aren’t developing as well as they could if organisations capitalise on what we now know about how brains operate.
  • Human potential lies within the person. But unlocking that potential depends on the person’s environment. Organisations hold the keys to unlocking that potential through adapting those environments.

Knowing how to do this is not always straightforward!

The brain is a black box. A lot of the knowledge emerging from neuroscience is tangled up in a world of academic jargon. But by decoding these findings and translating them into easy-to-understand and tangible insights, we have developed a set of “brain keys” that allow you to unlock your employees’ potential and ultimately create a high-performing organisational environment where everyone is inspired, engaged and able to perform to the best of their ability.

How does our Management Training Programme help you create a High Performing Neural Environment?

At Synaptic Potential we’ve identified the work environments that boost the different brain states necessary for your people to do their jobs well. And we also know which environments suppress these optimal working states.

This programme teaches your managers about these brain states, how they work and how to improve them. That knowledge gives managers the expertise they need to create the high performing environments in which all your employees can excel.

What resources are included within each module?

Introduction video: Every video clearly frames each module’s benefits.

Teaching: A 1-2 hour workshop that digs deep into the module’s specific content, offering learning directly from the experts and providing essential insights into highly effective management. These engaging teaching chunks are available to managers 24/7 for the duration of the programme, enabling them to learn whenever it best suits them. Content includes quizzes, videos and reading material for a stimulating experience.

‘Keeping it Alive’ group sessions (PDF): This forms the basis of  peer learning group sessions that follow on from each module. This is where insights are translated into a practical understanding of how to implement them within a manager’s specific context. If desired, one of our facilitators can be contracted to support one of these learning sessions.

Summary video: The video brings it all together to ensure takeaways are clear and effective.

Toolkit of resources & approaches (PDF): Managers can revisit the core concepts and tools any time they wish.

Module topics you can build your management training programme from:

  • Leadership
  • Feedback
  • Strategic Contribution
  • Wellbeing
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Building a learning culture
  • Effective Remote working
  • Objectives & Delegation
  • Motivation & Engagement
  • Coaching
  • People

And others upon request.

Growing management capability: Building Better Brains

To further support managers and provide continued professional learning, we highly recommend this additional video-based series of 50 topics aimed at Building Better Brains. They can be used to develop a learning culture, coaching culture and provide a great focus for talking and action points.

What our clients say

‘Amy’s expertise has been invaluable to us in creating our new manager training programme. She has simplified the complex, been great to collaborate with, and has shown tremendous flexibility in responding to our needs as we have worked together to build our new approach. She is also a jolly nice human being to boot!’

Steve Napier, HR Director, Twinings

What to do now

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