How important is our past?

This week I thought we’d hear from one of the great observers of our time, Amit Goswami:

“ Every observation can be looked upon as a quantum measurement, because quantum measurement produces brain memory. These brain memories are activated every time we encounter and experience again a repeated stimulus. A repeated stimulus will always illicit, not only the original impression, but also this repetition of memory impressions…

We always perceive something after reflection in the mirror of memory. It is this reflection in the mirror of memory that gives us that sense of “i-ness,” who I am, namely a pattern of habits, a patterns of memories, a pattern of past.”

Basically, our past memory influences our perception, which influences our observation, which affects our reality. This gives us an opportunity to really consider how we are processing current situations, because very quickly they will become past memories, which will influence our future reality.

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