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How to design organisational culture - Learning Lab

How to Design Organisational Culture

Shaping organisational culture is a popular topic. And for good reason, the culture that we exist within influences how we perform and, therefore, the results an organisation can achieve….

Top 7 things - Leadership Training Programme - Learning Lab

Top 7 Things to Look for in Any Leadership Development Training Session

Over the years, we’ve both led and observed a fair share of leadership development training sessions in the UK and abroad. We’ve spoken to those who train, as well as…

Curiosity - It's the Gaps that count - Learning Lab

Curiosity. It’s the Gaps that Count.

In our busy world, we are continually bombarded with sights, sounds, and even smells that overwhelm our senses and stretch our brains. But while we are busy making sense of…

Supporting Mental Health - Learning Lab - Linkedin Learning

How to Support your Mental Health While Working from home

Working from home is a new phenomenon for many professionals. Different worlds—work, school, and parenting—are suddenly colliding…

How to beat workplace loneliness - Learning Lab - Linkedin Learning

How to Beat Workplace Loneliness

If you’ve ever experienced loneliness at work, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. The impact of loneliness in the workplace is far-reaching…

productive virtual teams - Learning Lab - Linkedin Learning

Creating the Environment for Productive Virtual Teams

Remote teams present some unique benefits and challenges for managers and for the employees on the teams. …

Published Books

Make your Brain Work Book - Amy Brann

Make Your Brain Work

How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness.

Engaged Book - Amy Brann


The Neuroscience Behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organizations.

Neuroscience for Coaches Book - Amy Brann

Neuroscience For Coaches

How Coaches and Managers can use the latest neuroscientific insights to benefit their clients and teams.

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Amazing If Podcast

Listen to Amy on the Squiggly Careers podcast from Amazing If

LEAD - Amy Brann - Learning Lab

Listen to Amy on the Squiggly Careers podcast from Amazing If

Maria - Speaker - Amy Brann - Learning Lab

Speaking Business Podcast

Listen to Amy talk to Maria Franzoni on Shaping your brain