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Like all good organisations, Synaptic Potential was created because Amy saw two problems that she knew she could help to solve:

1. Brilliant people were being prevented from doing jobs that they were good at AND had passion for because of the leaders and managers in their organization. She realised that organizations needed help to free their people up to do the great job they are capable of. 

2. Studying medicine at the time (with a BIG interest in neuroscience and people development) Amy knew how our knowledge about the human brain was growing and that these insights could be really valuable to organizations. BUT she also saw there was a gap between the credible academic research out there…and the people without science backgrounds who could benefit from it.

That’s why Synaptic Potential was created, and why she and Stuart have dedicated the last 18 years to bridging that knowledge and action gap.

Clients we’ve worked with

What do we offer?

1. Training Programmes

We offer a range of tailored training programmes that enable leaders, managers and teams to quickly understand how to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. The brain is involved in everything that is done every day so increasing people’s understanding of how it works quickly delivers a return on investment.

2. Strategic Guidance & Consulting

We work with your organisation to discern which strategies and interventions will most easily deliver step wise changes in the behavior and performance of your leaders, managers and teams. By working closely with your internal teams and stakeholders we address your goals, challenges and needs, and show you how key insights from neuroscience can be beneficially applied to your organisation, so you become more empowered to make the right choices about how to move your business forward, ultimately improving your bottom line.

3. Workshops

We offer a range of workshops to organizations who want to deliver results. They are cutting edge and scientifically underpinned and this means you can trust the content.

4. Keynotes

Amy Brann is an enthusiastic speaker who loves revealing the hidden workings of the brain to a wide range of audiences around the world. She is committed to explaining things in an accessible and inspiring way so her talks are received as fascinating and entertaining.

5. Research Insights

And of course, underpinning everything we do is the science behind how the brain works. The field of neuroscience is developing every day, with new technology affording us deeper insights, new discoveries being made, and new theories being explored and proven. We stay in close communication with the scientists on the cutting edge of this research to ensure we are delivering the most useful applications to you quickly.

Meet the team

The Synaptic Potential Team are a small group of expert individuals who each bring their own valuable knowledge and experience to the table. We all work from our own homes, always have done, and love being part of a movement that is redesigning the world of work. What unifies us is our belief in the potential of humans and how life is too short to be miserable or not doing something that you can do well.



Written numerous books translating neuroscientific insights into practical applications, consulted to organisations globally around people development, delivers keynotes to thousands and is teaching her daughter alto sax.



Brings all the systems, organisation and care together to help us take care of the organizations we get to work with. Loves days at the beach in the states with her boys & hubby.



All the science knowledge you could ever want from an Oxford grad neuroscientist, jumps into any project with enthusiasm and insights, an avid reader and enjoys great food and wine.



Highly respected both as a university lecturer on leadership and Coaching and as a consultant, her clients adore her. She loves to salsa and explore new places with friends.



The doctor you wish you had and an exquisite trainer and coach, passionate about people’s mental wellbeing as well as helping people to reach their potential. Mum of toddler so daily training in engaging and persuading!



Our visual magician, ensuring our communication is positively enhanced through the highly influential mediums we can take advantage of using. Sarah loves paddle boarding and sea swimming…putting us heat loving folks to shame!



Token guy (not really – he is one of the founders of SP). Video wizard for the team creating engaging, inspiring content that makes for compelling viewing. Dedicated Dad, famous for his homework project support.

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