Harness the Full Brain Performance of your organisation.

Through science-based keynotes, consulting & workshops that enable your people’s best work.


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All organizations have unrealized people potential.

By showing people how to make their brains work better
organizations can…


Improve productivity


Be more innovative


Stop their best people leaving


Be agile to change

Understanding how to make your people’s brains work better is no longer curtailed by guesswork and incomprehensible science. Partner with Synaptic Potential and provide your people with everything they need to unlock their Full Brain Performance.


“Pretty quickly in our selection process you set yourself apart from the crowd. Your understanding of the situations we described and exploration of solutions you could offer showed a superior grasp of your field that was at once both credible and engaging. During our consultancy session every single sentence was a nugget of gold. I’ve got pages of notes. We couldn’t have asked for more.“

Hodl Whittaker, Learning Manager for Group, Tesco

Getting the best out of your people no longer relies on theory and guesswork.

We provide cutting-edge research made practical for your team’s best work:

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Inspiring audiences with fresh ideas & a new shared language.

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Big concepts packaged for practical application in your context.

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Delivering sustainable changes in skills, mindsets and behavior.

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Partnering with you to provide expert time-saving insight.


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We partner with leading-edge organizations who want relevant insights to be even more effective.

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We Offer solutions for

Leadership - Full Brain Performance

Your leaders shape your people’s performance.  What are you doing to shape theirs?

Management - Full Brain Performance

Your managers are the glue that holds your organisation together. How strong is that glue?

Team-working - Full Brain Performance

Your teams are the powerhouses of your organisation. Do they have the fuel to succeed?


Unrealised people potential stops organizations being as successful as they could be.  With more than 15 years experience consulting and training organizations of all sizes, Amy Brann gives your people a framework to unlock their brain potential on a daily basis, empowering personal growth and accelerating organizational success.

Amy Brann Keynote Speaker


We know that traditional workshops don’t deliver sustainable changes in behavior. Our Full Brain Performance Framework is a 3 stage process that delivers results that stick.

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First, we reimagine the possibilities of human brain performance.

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Next, we redesign the mindframes, behaviors, and environments that unlock the full potential of your teams.

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Then we reinforce the changes to ensure performance is sustained over time.

“One of Amy’s differentiating factors is her ability to link real business problems to solutions…”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Amy for approximately a year and in that time she has proven to be very engaging regardless of whether talking to a senior global stakeholder or a junior professional. Amy is able to discuss a range of topics in a manner where she demonstrates deep knowledge and understanding of neuroscience yet translates this into a simple matter of fact way. She is articulate in her delivery and is able to build on ideas in a collaborative way. She is very responsive and provides high quality work in short periods of time. Finally for me, one of Amy’s differentiating factors is her ability to link real business problems to solutions.”

Caroline Henderson, Director, Global Assurance Talent Team, EY

Working with us is easy

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1. Arrange a call

Together we can discuss your needs and zero in on which of our training offerings would be best suited for your organization.

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2. Partner with us

We work with you to deliver a scientifically underpinned training program that has stakeholder buy-in and fresh, practical insights that engage, inspire and stick.

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3. See Sustainable Changes in Behavior.

Unlock the brain potential of your people that change behaviors and improve productivity.


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Everyone deserves to fulfill their Whole Brain Potential

Fact: Everyone deserves to fulfil their potential. But if you don’t know how your brain works, you can’t make it work better. 

The Bad News: The problem is that people are never taught how their brain works or how to make it work better

The Good News: Over the last few decades, science has been revealing how the brain works and how to make it work better. 

Where We Come In. We’ve translated this science into practical insights that show your people how to make their brain work better. 

So whether you have leaders that are struggling to break the status quo, managers confronting people who who just won’t get stuff done, or teams who are held back by poor collaboration, we have training programs to deliver sustainable changes in behavior.

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