Our Services:

Synaptic Potential has always approached developing your people and supporting the achievement of your goals from a blended perspective. Different objectives are best reached using different routes. Normally there is more than one way to reach any outcome. We design any interventions to best meet your aims and can work around any specifications, such as time available, preferred medium (virtual or face to face).

Specifically our keynotes and workshops have both been delivered live and virtually. There are different options from a large fancy webinar with thousands of attendees through to a small virtual classroom set up with 12 people.


If you are considering how you can entertain and inspire people while educating them about something they’re unlikely to have heard about before then think of one of our speakers….

Are you looking for a keynote speaker who will:

  • Engage
  • Deliver Results
  • Inspire and Energise


We offer a range of workshops to organizations who want something cutting edge, scientifically underpinned and that delivers results.

  • Make Your Brain Work
  • Neuroscience for Coaches
  • Engaged Brains
  • Optimizing Leadership
  • Behavioural Change
  • Neuroscience for L&D


Our team of consultants work with small teams who want to understand why something is happening and how to make something else happen instead. If you need to get a glimpse inside the brains of those you’re working with and see what is driving them, what is causing the behaviours you are seeing or what you’d need to do to get a different result then we can help.

  • Know you need to change your culture?
  • Want to manage performance more effectively?
  • Know you can get more from your teams?

Digital Resources

We take the science behind learning and develop programmes that are scalable, highly effective and great value.

Supporting organizations globally with:

  • Cutting edge digital resources
  • Bite-sized insights compatible with existing programmes
  • Highly engaging learner journeys