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The Science of Harvesting Human Potential

For 15 years, Synaptic Potential has pioneered the art of building better brains, employing neuro-based, game-changing methodologies that have transformed  leaders, teams and organisations. Led by founder Amy Brann, the Synaptic Potential team believes in our ability to unlock our full potential. By re-engineering how we learn and democratizing its delivery, impossible becomes possible. Inspiring audiences and clients worldwide with keynotes, workshops and smart digital resources, learning is made fun, accessible, impactful and refreshingly entertaining. The future of work is in our hands – let’s shape it well.

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Our Story

Why Neuroscience

A people strategy that delivers business growth relies on a credible understanding of people. This is why we draw on neuroscience and behavioural science to ensure we can be your best trusted advisors.

Why Synaptic Potential

If you’re looking for a trusted team of experienced experts who are dedicated to sharing practical ways to improve your business and solve your problems then that’s Synaptic Potential. We’re passionate about using scientific insights to develop your organisation.



Amy Brann is the female neuroscience expert you can rely on as your keynote speaker. She has inspired and equipped audiences globally with practical takeaways that will enable them to raise their performance.

Organisational Development

Directly working with boards who have buy in, or equipping them with the facts they need to see how we could support the organisational priorities, is our strength. Having worked with senior leadership teams from around the world means we are good listeners, and talk sense.


We keep our fingers on the pulse of what is current. But, we also will guide you in terms of what is ahead of the curve. Science guides us on this. We don’t want your organisation to be always playing catch up.

Digital Learning

Digital transformation can be a competitive advantage, when we remember to make digital human. As experts in how the brain learns best, we have supported many great organisations with their digital resource needs.


Neuroscience Learning Hub

You need trusted partners who have their fingers on the pulse of development. Check out some of the essential ingredients to organisational development.

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